Kelly Rouke

Kelly Rouke


This music might be described as a Northeast Mid- Atlantic alternative kind of roots rock mixed with about 1/34 Jazz, 1/8 Blues, 1/25 blues, and 1/64 alt country and 1/16 70s Pop.


Kelly Rouke is an independent singer/songwriter from Wilmington, Delaware. "Home Gypsys" is her debut album recorded in 2007 at Turtle Studios in Philadelphia, PA and released in April 2008. The influences in these songs are far ranging - in percentages it might look something like this: 1/8 blues, 1/8 funk, 1/16/ jazz, 1/32 country/bluegrass, 1/12 americana, or in other words 100% indie (so please don't do the math). Some of the incredibly talented musicians who played with Kelly on this album include: Bart Yoder (bass) , Chuck Treece (drums), Adam Davis (lead guitar, pedal steel and dobro), Ross Bellenoit (lead and rhythym guitar), Monica McIntyre (cello), Carlos Izaguierre (percussion), Mike Eberly (rhythym guitar), and Adrien Reju (back-up vocals). Kelly wrote the music and lyrics for all songs on "Home Gypsys" as well as playing rhythym acoustic on all songs and piano on several tracks. Kelly began studying piano at 6 and guitar at 11. She has sung and performed in several bands over the past 15 years and also spent five years performing in musical theater productions in the area. Kelly grew up in Wilmington and on a farm in Middletown, Delaware. She currently resides in Wilmington.



Written By: Kelly Rouke

Ask me a story, I'll tell you a lie
There's no train to glory, it's just out with a sigh
And nothing will break you apart

So, why, Juliet
Why drink that poison - yet
I could refuse to go under every wave crashing in
But I won't cause I want to come back again
Come back again - one more time

No no tales about this
You'll hear no tales from this heart
Nothing about
How it falls apart

So, why, Juliet
Your face I will never forget
I could refuse to go under every wave crashing in
But I won't cause I want to
Come back again
Come back again - one more time.


Written By: Kelly Rouke

He's flying too close to the sun
He runs through fields and hardly slumbers
trying to get to the one
who thinks it's fun so he takes another one home

Here's the puzzle of the days
A skillful maze a comfortable prison
Sentenced one thousand ways
Arranging thoughts with no precision

Why can't we live happily ever after, after
Could you be the one who may be is
Never mean never calls me crazy
Maybe you're the one who never leaves
Could you run there right beside me
With the wind at my back to guide me
Could you be someone who never leaves


Tracks from "Home Gypsys" have had airplay on WSTW 93.7, 91.3 (U of D), and streaming airplay on Indie 104 iRadio LA,, and in Vancouver.

Set List

We incorporate various tracks from Home Gypsys mixed with other unrecorded originals as well as covers including interesting versions of Bobbie Gentry's "Ode to Billie Joe," some Sharon Jones' , Neko Case, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, and some original compositions by Chris Gordon.