Kellys hero

Kellys hero

 Adel, Georgia, USA

well we try to keep our music as real as we can were a new band but were dying to share it with the world, what you hear is what you get a band full of hear and willingess that thrives on doubt and haters


well our influences are all over the place some of them are: smashing pumkins, the doors, blink 182, tom petty, jimi hendrix, audioslave, stabbing westward, chevelle and what sets us apart from other bands is that we very self confident and we kno that if we keep goin were goin to end up somewhere, well its a long story actually after many name changes and line up changes and asking ourselves if we really wanted this we recorded some demos and got ourselves together and came to the realization that this is what we wanted to do so the sky is the limit


well we just have a couple songs but we are lookin to record in the future

Set List

we try to play mainly originals but some covers are in the mix our sets are usually about 45-60 mins heres our set:

find yourself
all the small things(cover)
the gift(cover)
think twice(cover)
a fatal discussion
inside the empty
love to let you down(cover)
inside out(cover)
fine again(cover)
never too late(cover)