Kelly Sirocco

Kelly Sirocco

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

A funky, soulful, interplanetary field trip for grown folks. If you like music that MOVES you, then quite naturally you're gonna dig this...


Progressive. Interplanetary. The FUTURE. Kelly Sirocco’s brand of music is at once bold and fresh, yet evokes familiarity and kinship. The kind of music that hearkens back to a time when you couldn’t wait until your favorite artists’ new album dropped, all the while transporting you to newer, funkier realms. It is fitting that he calls his sound “Galactica Music”. It was birthed from the experimental tenor of John Coltrane, the gritty vocals and brassy arrangements of Otis Redding, the classic rockabilly of Creedence Clearwater Revival, and the break-beats and funk of African Bambaataa and Boogie Down Productions respectively. This blend of genres and styles is where he draws inspiration from. Jazz, R&B/Soul, Rock, Hip-Hop, Blues, and even Gospel inspire his eclectic, futuristic, Galactica brand. When asked to describe his sound he explains,” Imagine it’s 2080 and we’re having White Parties on the moon…Galactica Music is what the DJ will be spinning..”

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, he grew up between there, Los Angeles, and North Carolina as a youth. While out west he studied as a percussionist up until high school, at which point he moved to North Carolina. There, he and some classmates formed an alternative rock band in a friend’s basement called Funky Bootienastie, in which he was the lead singer. After playing the indie/college rock scene in North Carolina for a couple of years, he quit school and moved back to Atlanta where he pursued his first love of Hip-Hop. He got serious about his writing and production skills and soon thereafter was headlining the early 90’s Atlanta trio Sonz Of Boodah, or S.O.B as they were affectionately known, which was an underground staple in the southeast, but enjoyed only mediocre commercial success.

After infighting and problems with management, the group disbanded and parted ways. Soon thereafter with no education and no particular skill-set, he inevitably strayed away from the music he loved, gravitated towards the streets, and immersed himself in a delinquent lifestyle. His life of crime quickly came to an end, and shortly thereafter he was sent to Federal prison. While incarcerated he returned to what he loved, music. He taught himself how to play guitar, bass guitar, and piano while there, honing his skills by performing concerts on the prison yards for fellow convicts. He spent his time re-evaluating his life and developing a deep personal relationship with God, and one can hear it echoed in the hundreds of songs he wrote while incarcerated. He will be the first to tell you that the years spent behind prison walls, looking out and yearning for a world he loves, is what inspired his new creative style. This is where Kelly Sirocco was really born, on a splintered bench with a pen, a pad, and a guitar…. behind a 40 foot wall capped with barbed wire. At first listen his music is passionate, introspective, sincere, and electric.

After 12 years, he was released in 2007 and hit the ground running. A mutual friend introduced him to Brooklyn native and Atlanta transplant BK NY, a local in-demand producer who brought him up to speed with the latest music and computer technology. After a couple of months he was navigating his way thru computer software that it took others years to master, and he was now able to bring to fruition all of the songs he had written while he was gone, and inculcate the big “space age” sounds into his music. He combined forces with his Business Manager Daryl Graham of DARYL GRAHAM MEDIA, and his Tour Manager K. Reid, a native of Macon, Georgia who was instrumental in putting his band together, which consist of some of the funkiest, southern-fried, musicians and singers you will ever see. Together they get DOWN, and they get FUNKY. Kelly sings from a place born of experience, a testament to the joys and pains, and trials and tribulations of life… and LOVE. Once you see him perform and feel the energy, you’ll realize you’re being offered a musical glimpse into the future, and that real artistry is BACK… and COOL again.