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Kelly Slattery

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Having watched and been affected by the film Hotel Rwanda, I made a point to watch a documentary on Romeo Dallaire's return visit to Rwanda after 10 years. Romeo Dallaire was the head of the UN mission for Rwanda - he was played by Nick Nolte in the film

The documentary was so overwhelming it had me obsessed and I consequently picked up the book Shake Hands with the Devil - by Romeo Dallaire - his account of the entire genocide. It details how the UN proved to be smoke and mirrors - were well aware of the happenings and did absolutely nothing - it's an infuriating read

It was truly one of the most horrific recalls of a time and place that I'm sad to say, took place while I was alive and remotely aware.

The media as a whole, as an international community failed to present the horror that Rwanda was living. As a media consumer I'm embarrassed to have not seen the obvious - and further embarrassed to not have heightened it's importance - mainly b/c the media didn't present it as such. To add further insult to injury the world - at this time - was consumed by the OJ Simpson trial.

Rwanda overwhelmed and soaked my mind and heart - my anger came out in an unexpected song one evening. It's called "United we Stand Alone"

The Genocide left behind 500,000 orphans without proper means and torn spirits. I would like to release this song as a single - all monies would go towards Rwanda - and would hope - by drawing attention to this awfulness - remind the world of what happened -in hopes that it'll never happen again - which sadly -it more then likely will