Kelly Sloan

Kelly Sloan

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

Combines elements of folk, pop, rock, and soul with clear, no-nonsense vocals. Melodic guitars and catchy tunes. She was awarded the Galaxie Rising Star Award in 2012, & recently opened for Jim Bryson, Justin Rutledge & Josh Ritter.


As a classically trained singer, a native of the musically lush Ottawa Valley and as someone who spent a third of her life in the eclectic Halifax music scene, the genre of Kelly Sloan's music is undoubtedly hard to label. Her music has been described as soul-infused folk, Canadiana flare, and country-roots rock. No matter the umbrella under which her music falls, Kelly's beautiful voice, rich storytelling, and heart-stirring melodies penetrate deep into your bones the way that good music should. 

In the few months since re-planting her roots in the Ottawa music scene, Kelly was awarded the Galaxie Rising Star Award, & was designated by Mark Rheaume (head of CBC Radios Music Resources) as an up-and-coming Canadian artist to be on the look out for. She releases her third album in the spring of 2016; a project produced by 90s indie darling, Mike O’Neill & backed by Halifax’s psychedelic pop band Walrus & Ottawa’s own Curtis Chaffey (the Split). Included in the Revue’s list of Artists to Watch for in 2016, Kelly’s upcoming album promises a bold, new sound.