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North Hollywood, California, United States | SELF

North Hollywood, California, United States | SELF
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Kelly's Lot has pulled out all the stops and turned the blues up to 11 on their amps for an assault on the darkness aimed at shooting off the lampshades.  This album breaks on through to the other side of midnight.  At first listen to Kelly Zirbes' blast above the tower of power I say, "We've had this date from the beginning!"  Hang on to your illusions if you can, all that ambition that's been driving you may find a little focus in this Lot's blast furnace to knock right off the road to nowhere.  That's hyperbole.  I know it.  I'm trying to find a clever way to say it.  This album moves me.  A great album should not be a guilty pleasure, it should be worthy of your heart.  This album will damn straight get somebody through a month they might not make it any other way.  This band did what music is supposed to do.  It makes me want to be a better man.  They did it the old fashioned way with great songs, inventive powerful music, and something honest to sing.  

The road to The Light begins with rejecting the lies, denial and half empty promises on the road to love.  There's plenty of rejection in the blues on this album.  Kelly Zirbes has the focus to see the truth.  Kelly's Lot is a damn fine blues band, with tricks up it's sleeve to take it where it needs to go.  The combination of polish and power is heard to find, and positive messages fail in the drool of hearts and flowers half the time.  Not so this album.  There's plenty of darkness on the road to The Light.  Kelly has spent eight years or more spreading the word about Hep C, and giving hope to people who came near the brink of dying.  (There's a link to a Hep C site below.  Kelly's word on the eight years, "I'd rather save a life than get famous singing the blues.")  She's not whistling Dixie when she says, "Say yes to life."  This music comes from the deep waters of a half full glass from a band whose seen the dehydrated world gasping for love in clubs and bars, and wasting away in front of their TVs.  Kelly Z isn't a poser.

I've seen an abbreviated Kelly's Lot sing a couple of songs at a benefit.  They were damn good!  I've heard the previous album, and it was a fine thing.  This new CD makes good on the promise and exceeds expectations.  There's something hard to describe makes an album great.  Every song has to connect.  The musicians have to have the chops and they have to play the song like they mean it.  The combination of skill, heart and love of life and music kicks out the doubt and makes a statement of every song.  This album rocks.  There's pop power where it's needed, and the still beating heart of the front porch folk song when nothing else will do.  

Kelly's vocals have never been better.  I think she nails it from the heart.  Guitarist and frequent co-writer Perry Robertson is Stevie Ray and Ryan Adams by turns as clean and powerful as I've heard.  Bill Johnston makes some of these songs possible with his inventive sax and clarinet.  He extends the color and range of the band.  Rob Zucca offers that alternative voice on guitar that fits and fills out the meaning of the song.  Mark Drews on bass is one of the great supportive electric players on this album.  Sebastian Sheehan's drums nail each song. Kelly's harmonica players are a cut above in Linda Moss and Gary Seagrove.  Here's the kicker.  There's not a hint of studio musician slick in the bunch.  Kelly's Lot is a band from Los Angeles.  That's a rare thing.  Bands play together with one voice and know the song.  They did that on this album, and they do it live.  

This album is a gift.  It rocks.  It moves me.
 - Billy Bunker's CD Reviews

"Trio" is pick of the month over at"...Take the full bluesy rocking sound of Kelly's Lot and reduce it to an intimate trio effect and you have an idea of what this latest offering is all about. But make no mistake, this album may be less volumatic but it possesses the same raw signature sound of Kelly's Lot written over every single track. Delicious enough to ask for seconds......nay, thirds."  INDEPENDENTSONGWRITER.COM -

"Kelly Zirbes is a powerful singer and songwriter. Hand this woman a microphone, place her in front of an audience and what you get is a toe-tapping magical moment. Fortunately, for all of us, this latest release captures that magic perfectly, delivering soulful, bittersweet lyrics laced with a full range of emotions and experiences related to love, life, pleasure and pain. The songs are top-notch, well arranged and complimented by excellent musicianship. Collectively, the trio hits a groove and drives it home through their entire set, all the while keeping their audience fully entranced. Zirbes' vocal style dominates the emotions laid out in her songs, and that’s a good thing. She is not afraid to belt out a tune when it is required. If you’re looking for a musical laid-back bluesy groove, this CD takes you there. You can find it at Hit Picks: "Woman’s Love" and "Close My Eyes" " DEBORAH KEITH - GOGIRLSMUSIC.COM -

"I looked in my mailbag for something to blast away the clouds and I pulled out a letter from Kelly Zirbes, front lady for the band Kelly's Lot. This band plays some fun eclectic rock and they do a lot of charity work promoting Hepatitis C awareness. I saw them play once at a street fair (another great playing opportunity) and really enjoyed their stage show. The CD she sent me entitled "Trio", is a collection of acoustic bluesy rock ballads that explore all sides of relationships. The CD has great sound and was recorded live, in front of a small audience, at Hallenbeck's General Store in North Hollywood. The guitar work by her long time friends Perry Robertson and Rob Zucca is great and Kelly's bluesy, raspy voice is filled with emotions as they tear through the tracks. The opening track "Take this Heart" deals with an abusive relationship. In the track "Close My Eyes", the only escape from sadness is to do just that. You can get on a bus or a "Train" and escape your problems as this song suggests or just work through them and have a positive outlook like the closing track "Happy Girl" " REVN KEVIN/ROCK CITY NEWS - Rock City News

"Kelly’s Lot burned an incredible show before a packed house on Saturday night, December 13th, at Hallenbeck’s General Store (on Cahuenga) in NoHo. Most of the songs performed during the set were selected from their latest release, “Come To This”, which is available at their website, They opened the set with “Train”, which is from the new album. “Train” is a rock blues song that starts out with a hot solo by Rob Zucca. It is a song about getting away from a lame duck relationship. Nice. And yeah, the rhythm of the song has “TRAIN” slapped all over it, with Robertson’s rhythm guitar stoking the furnace, Kelly Z’s vocals as the conductor and Zucca and Johnston riding along in First Class. “The Green Toads” was played next and it is a great song about love. (By the way, this song is from their album simply entitled, “Trio”, which is a CD of a great live Kelly’s Lot Hallenbeck’s performance. On this album only three of the members are present: Kelly Z, Perry Robertson and Rob Zucca. It is an amazing testimony to the power of vocals and two guitars.) Next, they played a new song called “Nobody Here But Me”, which was really strong. Often times when bands perform new songs or songs that have yet to be recorded on one of their albums, the arrangement can be muddy or vague, but this was not the case here. This song is great and Zucca fired up a killer solo that was all over it. “Come To This”, the title song from their latest CD, is a really cool song about a chick that comes to the realization that her life is nothing but boring and tedious. Instead of holding her in his arms, her man holds the remote for the TV set in his hands (there is no mention of a beer but there probably is one somewhere in this story). She also is tired of doing housework. The song ends with a last verse lesson that advises: if we are not careful, we all get what we wish for. Nice. Kelly and Perry wrote this. The song has a strut groove and has really cool chord changes. Bill Johnston took the first solo. Man, can he play the sax. Rob Zucca followed and, once again, amazed the audience with his juicy guitar playing. “Woman’s Love” is about, well, the love of a woman. What is really great about the crafting of this song is the fact that even if the listener never understood a word of English, OR, if the song were released in an instrumental version, the music sounds like, well, the love of a woman. The key change, dropping chromatically, to accommodate the sultry and erotic sax solo by Johnston (which was probably his best of the evening…Bill Johnston blows the sax with his mouth but it sounds like the air comes from his heart and his soul), is brilliant. This key change brings the ear of the listener by the hand into a new and different colored tonal room. “Drive” was next. It is a cool boogie-woogie blues penned by Kelly and Perry. If you have read this article all the way, clear down to this point, it is a safe bet to assume that you possess the creative and deductive abilities to imagine what this was like. Kelly’s Lot closed with “Happy Girl”. Damn if this isn’t one of their best songs. It is a straight ahead, four on the floor, pumping, take no prisoners, def-con four, red alert, blues rock masterpiece. It is a tightly arranged classic, sprinkled with accents, chokes and fills that are masterly placed. Everyone was ON IT. -

"I came across this lady when I got an email from manager/producer/guitarist, Perry Robertson, inquiring as to whether I was looking for musicians for my feature film. One listen to Kelly's CD and I was hooked. Kelly Zirbes proves that she is a singer/songwriter of great talent and eclectic style. Her voice is great to listen to - husky, powerful, emotive and full of expression - a truly individual sound - and her songs are well-crafted and packed with feeling. "The Lot" (the musicians who back her) are tight, strong and show obvious top musicianship. Keep an eye on Kelly's Lot - they're about to hit the scene with a huge impact. This cd is just a sample of what's to come and should be in every discerning music collectors cd cabinet - be they a writer or otherwise! " SALLY McLEAN , THE BOOK CAFE - The Book Cafe

INDEPENDENT SONGWRITER MAGAZINE NAMES KELLY'S LOT ONE OF THE TOP 13 BANDS IN THE US. "If you want more information on Kelly's Lot, we encourage you to check out the website and learn more. We prefer to cut to the chase and tell you our own experience when we reviewed the CD. The CD, "Test Drive" starts out with an original tune called, "Black & Blue". With its driving rhythm and infectious lyrics, you will find yourself shaking your hips, tapping your foot or clapping your hands. Kelly's vocal approach is a bit of punk, pop and rock influence all stirred up for a delicious treat to the ears. "Brand New Key" is the old cover favorite that we all know and love but this version is not poppy-sweet by any standards. It's fuzz guitar and jungle drum beat drives it to the fast and heavy lane experience. Adult pleasure with a youthful familiarity. "Just You" is a tender-hearted ballad with a reflective maturity. Slightly breathless, fluttery-edgy vocals, give this song a more realistic approach for the adult audience. The girl sings from her soul. I'm a believer! "Take This Heart" In the realm of heavy-hitters like Janis Joplin and Heart, Kelly's Lot comes to a furious and exciting boiling point with this cut. It's an relentless, pounding, teasing original that defies gravity. Mood music for the 90's. "Living Inside Her" Melissa Etheridge meets Joan Jett. Kelly Zirbes, the seductive lead singer and songwriter of the group, throws her entire being into this music. The rock to reggae tempo change is incredibly tasteful. "Oh give me more......""Love Has Wings" the fragile and sensitive side comes out in full glory. The insecurity of an uncertain love is respectfully portrayed here without sacrificing an inner strength that keeps the whole song together. It arrives at a sad but evolutionary place. Beautiful. "Broken Man" Drenched in symbolism and perfumed with sweet tonal rapture. This is one for the deep-thinking art lovers. "Joan Of Arc" light, airy offering that takes advantage of the surface interpretation. Well done. "Happy Girl" a perky musical backdrop against contrasting, depressing lyrics is the perfect combination and convincingly achieves the goal of emotional hypocrisy. Exhilarating! "Back To L.A." The dream calls you away from home and the reality check brings you back to your roots. The message is clear and couldn't be more true. "Fragile" that elusive vulnerability is exposed for a moment and analyzed for what it is and for how it gains strength when the light fades from the sky. It takes a gifted mind to think of this kind of arrangement."Close My Eyes" stylistically indulgent, experimental and intriguing. "Only Human" the chord changes add some vibrant color to the whole mix. They are subtle but are enough to make you take notice that something special is happening. Pure magic. IN SUMMARY: Kelly's Lot offers the average listener some incredible music that you won't find anywhere else, and yet, other musicians/songwriters, will appreciate the little nuances that spice up this whole album. The effort that went into making this project is quite evident throughout. There's even a video on the CD (this is actually called an "enhanced CD") that is compatible with Macs and PC's and is as well-produced as some of the huge budget videos out there today. The video is funny and mod without being bubble-gummy. Put it all together and you have one extraordinary piece of work here that stands well on its own. INDEPENDENT SONGWRITER MAGAZINE

- Independent Songwriter Magazine

"Kelly's Lot makes a statement right out of the blocks with "Black and Blue". Crisp, clear and precise vocals only head the songs. Backing Kelly Zirbes up is Thomas Richter on lead, Sebastian Sheehan on drums, Chris Robertson on Bass and Perry Robertson on Rhythm. Perry's production completely shows through - it's not often that all the instruments/percussion are heard on every track. TEST DRIVE does not have a bad track, just degrees of greatness. "Just You" is a wonderful change of pace from the first two tracks, more southern rock than the heavy country/folk influences of the album. But, let's not stop there! For example, "Love Has Wings" is very melodic and the lyrics are thoughtful and inspiring. "Living Inside Her" is proof positive of what Miss Zirbes and Kelly's Lot can do - a total crossover of genres. From southern rock to ska to pop, this song has it all! Last, but not least, is "Back to L.A.". The addition of Bill Johnston on saxophone shows the band's willingness to explore their creative ideas. And just when you thought you heard it all comes "Close My Eyes". It has an old world flamingo flavor that puts you into the streets of Madrid." NIGHTMOVES MAGAZINE - Night Moves Magazine

"Kelly’s Lot live up to their reputation as a blues-rock band with an alternative edge. Watching them is like experiencing the Blues Brothers backing Gwen Stefani. With groovy beats, smooth transitions and lots of energy, Kelly’s Lot create a contagious style of music that’s simply fun. The song “Green Toads” delivers powerful sounds and strong lyrics, while “Redbone” is old-school blues with an attitude. Both songs are definitely worth noting, as is “Say Yes To Life.”

"This singer-songwriter has a true artistic vision, and she presents her intriguing music with subtle power and steel-like conviction. Labels should definitely take a listen, because she's more than ready. Besides, anyone who includes an electrified version of Melanie's 1971 Number One hit "Brand New Key"shows that she's going to do things her way. Speaking of that cut, film music supervisors might be interested in giving her a call, as well. this lady has what it takes. "MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE

- Music Connection Magaazine

Hey there all you R.C.N. faithful, I hope everyone had a fun and safe Memorial Day. I am always spewing about alternatives to playing at Clubs and last weekend I attended the No.Ho. Street Festival. It was packed with Vendors displaying art from all over the world and there were three stages with different acts playing every hour on both days of the event. I saw the event and the line-ups and the name "Kelly's Lot" grabbed my attention. I am a big supporter of bands that do charity work and this is one that does a lot to bring attention to Hepatitis C. They had just returned from a nationwide tour to support the cause and were happy to be playing local again. I hadn't a clue as to what type of music it would be and found it to be some great straight up rock and roll. Exceptional musicians the whole "LOT" and Front Lady Kelly Zirbes has great stage presence and her high energy level is contagious. NoHo Arts Festival Review by Kevin from Rock City News - - Rock City News


Kelly's Lot
Live at The Troubadour
Chapter 1 & 2
Test Drive
Come To This
The Light



Kelly's Lot has their own sound but Roadhouse Rock and Blues is one way to describe them. They recently recorded a CD titled "The Light" and have just returned from a very successful Belgium and France tour. Kelly's Lot has played just about every kind of gig you can imagine, Concerts, Festivals, Marathons, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Store openings and so many more. They are great at family events and can always get the kids and the BIG kids dancing. They have toured across the country and continue to tour. They come as a DUO, TRIO, a four piece or more. The players can include a sax player, a harmonica player, a cajon player, spoons or whatever is needed.
Kelly Z, lead singer of Kelly’s Lot, recorded her first CD with J. Peter Robinson, former keyboard player for Phil Collins and The J. Geils Band. Lee Sklar, David Walsh and Ralph Humphries were brought on board to add their licks and magic to the recording which helped put Kelly’s Lot on the Los Angeles club circuit. Soon after that Kelly met Texan Perry Robertson who brought the Texas Blues sound to the band. Robertson joined the band and they recorded "Kelly's Lot-Live at the Troubadour". Their next studio CD, “Test Drive”, which included a music video was one of the first enhanced CDs released by an indie artist. This first video was directed by “Thirteen” director Catherine Hardwicke and is a rock version of Melanie’s “Brand New Key”. Live is what this band does best so it made sense to record their next 2 CDs in an audience setting. “Stop And Make A Difference”, recorded to raise money for various charities, was used in a national campaign for awareness of hepatitis C. With just 2 guitars and vocals, “Trio – Live at Hallenbeck’s”, was released as an acoustic journey into Kelly’s Lot. Their second music video “Back To L.A.” was directed by Michael Mascarelli. It represents Kelly running a marathon and then jumping on a finish line stage to perform with the band for charity. Something Kelly really did at the Los Angeles, Long Beach and Boston Marathons. Their next studio release,“Come To This”, features the Rock’n Blues that Kelly’s Lot has become known for. With lots of sax and guitar it feels like a JAM! College and commercial stations have spun all these releases and the reviews have been glowing. Kelly’s Lot has sold their CDs all over the world via the internet, at a variety of coffee shops and record stores and on tours across the USA.
The full band includes Kelly Z on vocals, Perry Robertson on lead and rhythm guitar, Linda Moss on Harmonica, Homero Chavez on Cajon and Percussion, Sebastian Sheehan on drums, Mark Drews on bass, Rob Zucca on lead guitar and Bill Johnston on Sax.

The influences that have helped create the sound of this band are too many to mention but let's start with Texas Blues, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Janis Joplin. Let's also mention Led Zepplin, AC/DC, No Doubt and Heart. How about Etta James, Richie Havens and Van Halen. Let's not forget all the alternative rock, southern rock and great blues through the years. I could go on and on.


Kelly Lot a sa propre identité sonore. Un mélange de du Road house Rock, folk et blues serait la meilleure façon de décrire leur style musical.
Récemment , ils ont enregistré leur dernier album « The Light » et reviennent d’une tournée couronnée de succès en Belgique et en France.
Le groupe peut jouer tous les genres de concerts que vous pouvez imaginer : concerts, festivals, marathons, événements d’entreprises, soirées privées, ouverture de magasins et bien plus encore. Ils sont formidables lors d’événnements familiaux où ils parviennent à faire danser tant les enfants que les grands enfants.
Kelly’s Lot a tourné à travers tout le continent américain et continue sur sa lancée avec la même énergie. Ils peuvent jouer sous la forme d’un duo, d’un trio, d’un quatuor, voire même plus. Le groupe peut se composer d’un saxophone, d’un joueur d’harmonica, d’un joueur de cajun, de cuillères ou de tout ce qui est nécessaire.
Kelly Z, chanteuse et leader du groupe, a enregistré son premier CD avec J Peter Robinson, ancien membre (clavier) du groupe Phil Collins et de The J Gelis Band. Lee Sklar, David Walh et Ralph Humphries l’ ont rejointe pour apporter leur magie et leur savoir-faire et ont permis à Kelly’s Lot de rentrer dans le circuit des clubs de Los Angeles. Peu après, Kelly fait la rencontre du texan Perry Robertson qui apporte au groupe le Blues du Texas. Robertson rejoint le groupe et ensemble ils enregistrent « Kelly’s Lot-Live at the Troubadour » .
Leur prochain album studio « Test Drive », qui inclut un clip vidéo, est un des premiers albums produit par un artiste indépendant. Ce premier clip vidéo a été produit et dirigé par Catherine Hardwicke(« Thirtheen ») et présente une version rock de la chanson « Brand New Key » de Mélanie.
Le groupe excelle dans les concerts live. C’est pourquoi les deux albums suivants ont été enregistrés devant un public.