Kelly's Lot

Kelly's Lot


Kelly's Lot = A lead singer with contagious energy backed up by a tight band that jams and riffs with the best. OR a fun acoustic DUO with emotion and energy that matches the full band.


Kelly's Lot was formed by lead singer Kelly Zirbes. They recorded their first demo CD, "Kelly's Lot", with J. Peter Robinson, former keyboard player for Phil Collins and The J. Geils Band. The next recording "Kelly's Lot-Live at the Troubadour", produced by Perry Robertson, was added to the 1st demo to make the promotional compilation "Kelly's Lot - Chapter 1 & 2."After gaining lots of fans in Los Angeles it was tme to do a studio CD. Perry Robertson, now in the band, recorded and produced "TEST DRIVE" bringing in friends like Scott Sanders to Mix. Phil Morales came on board to create the enhanced part of the CD and a music video of the band's remake of Melanie's "Brand New Key" was directed by Catherine Hardwicke. The band has always had great supporters and talented folks willing to help. Kelly's Lot went on tour to support their new release and found fans all over the USA.The next CD "STOP AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE" was recorded to help the band raise funds for various charities. Re-titled "Get Hip To Hep C", it was part of a national campaign to raise awareness about hepatitis C. Kelly's Lot went on tour again, hitting even more stops along the way. "Trio" was also recorded live and represents Kelly's Lot unplugged. It is stripped down but still has the power of the full band. With just 2 guitars and vocals, it features Rob Zucca, Perry Robertson and Kelly Z.
"Come To This" is a full band CD that features the Blues and Blues/Rock music that the band is known for. So far all CDs have had lots of radio play and received great reviews


Kelly's Lot - Live at The Troubador
Test Drive
Come To This


Set List

Every gig has a different set list. We like to look to our audience and see what they want. Are they dancing and want to continue, are they in a mellow mood and want an emotional ballad?