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"Kelly Snyder"

Kelly Snyder is a welcome new singer-songwriter on the New York City scene. Her ever-so-slightly smoky vocals express the emotional depth of her lyrics over complementary piano melodies......melodic piano, just gritty enough production, and firm yet supple vocals.

Vivki U Lee - the deli magazine - NYC - Vivki U Lee

"Kelly Snyder is a New Emerging Artist"

Kelly Snyder is a new artist emerging on the music scene and one to watch out for at that. After her debut album, Oxygen, critics are already comparing her to the likes of Nora Jones, Alicia Keys, Ani DiFranco and Fiona Apple......

Snyder has a very smooth voice that flows right into the psyche. Her lyrics are thought provoking while still remaining PG-13. ......

Perhaps the best aspect of the lyrics is that they are common in their syntax and diction allowing even beginning music lovers to comprehend and relate to the artist. This is one quality that will suit her well in the years to come as she seeks out a broad audience........

Overall, the album provides an intense burst of emotion and intrigue. It is an album that I would recommend for pensive times and relaxation alike. .......

Despite the criticisms that she is hidden within the sounds of the nineties and fails to provide a new sound influence, Snyder does one thing that other artists are not. Snyder's music flows over boundaries of jazz, pop, and R&B to produce a varied compilation of sounds on the album as a whole........

My suggestion would be to not compare her sound or lyrics to any other artists, which is a bit of a stretch if you follow music because of the generally tendencies to group and categorize. If approached with an open mind however, Snyder's music proves to be a refreshing experience.......

Liz. Anderson - The University Register - UMM - April 2005 - Liz. Anderson

"Kelly Snyder - Oxygen"

Kelly Snyder has a soulful, urbane voice that moves from jazz to adult contemporary pop and back. And she molds these melancholic-meets-lullaby songs around that framework. The delicate but powerful "Fireworks" recalls early Natalie Merchant or the Feathermerchants. The gentle, soothing touches throughout the record is the key, particularly on the piano-driven tracks such as "Rescue Me"......A brief interlude leads into the title track that resembles Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos. She moves into a better field with the somewhat funky groove on "Innocent", sort of like a song Wild Strawberries might still record. One highlight is the initial a cappella approach on "Are You Missing Me?" It's a lovely track she pulls off beautifully without the diva-esque octave-changing vocal theatrics.......

Jason MacNeil - PopMatters - Jason MacNeil


Debut release on Mother West Summer '05



In June 2004 she entered the studio and began work on her debut album with producer Charles Newman. (Magnetic Fields, Flare Walter Schriefels, Aarktica), This collaboration has coupled an eclectic production style with an innovative feel, ravishing melodies and a unique vocal style. In Oxygen we are sent drifting and swirling with Kelly’s rolling piano parts and captivating voice, whilst in the hypnotic Innocent we’re given a candid insight into her emotions; and finally the hauntingly fragile Rescue Me allows you to wallow in its soothing glow.

Her cinematic and entrancing songs balance sensitive soul and moody songwriting with a tarnished and left of center production. This works with stunning effect as ghostly distorted guitars and pedal steels act as the perfect backdrop to her sensual vocals. It is a brief but intriguing glimpse into the musical mind of Kelly Snyder.