Kelly & the Kellygirls

Kelly & the Kellygirls

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

sexy ranched up swing meets pop meets cabaret. bowie but funnier.


Toronto Renaissance Man R.Kelly Clipperton founded Kelly & The Kellygirls in 2003. In the 8 years since, the 5 to 9 piece band, has released 3 studio albums, 1 live DVD/album, toured Canada 4 times, the UK/France twice and California. The band known for its unique cultural fusion of ska, swing, mariachi, reggae and flamenco always bring a bold, dramatic stage of theatrics when performing live. Kelly has, through his varied career, also penned and produced 6 plays, styled heads from L.A. to Toronto to Berlin and in the past 5 years received global praise for his highly original eye as a photographer.

In 2012 Kelly and the Kellygirls will be releasing their first recording of new material in 3 years on May 18th. The band will then set sights on touring Canadian Summer Festivals from Regina Pride to NxNe in Toronto with dates in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa and many others. Tentatively titled "Club des Femmes" the 5 song mini album will be the band's 5th recording and will push their sound into a danceable '60s acid jazz groove with singable catchy choruses and bold instrumentation.


swing swing (2004)
We love You, but Not as Much as we love Ourselves (2006)
Modernism (2009)
MMX (2011)
Club des Femmes (2012)

Set List

set list can be up to an hour and change. runs the gamut from high energy dancable vibes to moodier sound scapes. we do 2 covers right now in that list: eurythmics "i love you like a ball and chain" and a raw groove version of the clash's "train in vain" most songs are around the 3minute mark, very few are longer but 2 are under 2minutes:::
the dark city
i love you like a ball and chain
i'm not driving
something went terribly wrong
carbonated liplock
train in vain
meet me at the railway