Kelly & the Kellygirls

Kelly & the Kellygirls

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

...the fabulously humourous glamrocker R Kelly Clipperton and his new band The Kellygirls…


As a photographer, Sasha von Bon Bon calls him the Bernard of Hollywood of contemporary Toronto. As a musician the media has compared his voice to Peter Murphy and Tim Curry, his stage presence a mix of Iggy Pop and Freddie Mercury. His songs: 6 albums worth of good ones (the newest batch under the guise of Kelly & the Kellygirls who released their debut early in 2004). As a playwright he has scripted 6 original works, and produced them all himself. His craft as a hairstylist has saved many a head from L.A. to Berlin to Hogtown, and his dabbling into acting found him alongside Kate Hudson in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. A local force of nature and truly over-organized Virgo, Mr. Clipperton is always looking for something new to master and expand his caché.

“fabulous … buoyed by the quivering, sexy bravado of Kelly Clipperton's voice.” (eye weekly)

“I could imagine the flamboyant Clipperton's voice going over perfectly in a Las Vegas lounge act, but fortunately, he deploys it with enough menace and anguish to balance its suave, let-me-sell-you-something side…..surrounded by paparazzi eagerly photographing and videoing in hopes that Clipperton would yank the Velcro on his PVC undies loose, as he's been known to do. He didn't bother” (NOW Magazine)

Clipperton's voice is easily the sexiest baritone in rock music since Peter Murphy's ode to Bela Lugosi 20 years ago. . (Xtra! Magazine)

Clipperton has a refreshing attitude he carries with him on stage. He orchestrates the most flamboyant and entertaining live shows….an uninhibited performer, Clipperton's deep, sexy voice leaves quite a lasting impression. (On The Wall)

His debut ,'swing swing', with the kellygirls finds him taking a more soulful approach, focusing on his haunting voice. He has summoned the talents of Jennifer Gillmor on bass (formerly of dropdeadbeats and Roach Motel), Michael J. on trumpet (of Big Rude Jake fame), Amer Diab on guitar and Jerry Pergolesi on drums. Saxophonist Shane Mackinnon adds to the mix. After a successful festival summer tour, the ‘girls’ surge forth touring the country with their swingy pop, achy raunch and raw shuffle.


swing swing-2004
we love you but not as much as we love ourselves-2006

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