Kelly & Travis Frank

Kelly & Travis Frank


Kelly & Travis Frank's new album, 'Come Close To Me', is a compilation of powerful songs that will take you from recalling those youthful romances to evangelical head banging and from leaping and dancing in church to repenting on your knees in worship.


Kelly & Travis Frank have a unique father/son gift to share hard driving passionate tunes, soaked in rich lyrical content, combined with reflective & fun love song melodies with catchy hooks that are sure to please any audience. Their 'FRANK' perspectives on God, life, love, & relationships are refreshing, true, and thought provoking! They have performed at various venues across the US, including festivals, churches, parks, youth groups, fairs, YMCA's, and national conferences/competitions. It didn't take long for people to notice Travis' amazing guitar skills and songwriting ability. Kelly offers meaningful messages, intense worshipful energy & evangelistic punch to embrace all audiences into a live 'rock your soul for Jesus transformation'. Their unique combination of 80's Worship Rock meets Modern Youthful Hip Hop is something unique that the masses will find well worth listening too!


Everytime I Dream

Written By: Travis Frank

I wrote you a song cause I thought it would win your heart, but I was wrong from the very, very start. Guess I don’t get it you don’t like me, but I keep pursuing you like a future wifey. If I had a chance to go back in time again, I would still do it all over again, but I would wait ‘til I got to know you, before I wrote this song that I showed you…
Baby, I just wanna tell you, how I’m feelin’ lately, so lost without you & every time I dream, I see you there, with the wind in your blonde hair, and I don’t want to leave, I don’t wanna leave.

Yeah, I know I tried too hard to win your heart, and now my chances are fallin’ apart, but I really wish I could know, why it didn’t work out, I’m outta luck now, three strikes and I’m out. If you would tell me, I would feel better, when I’m with you, I tend to stutter, I’m not the smoothest guy, I ain’t gonna lie, takes all my courage just to say ‘hi’,

Wages of Sin

Written By: Kelly Frank and Ron Scantlen

(Narrator) Romans 6:23 tells us: For the Wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. You’re gonna have to choose this day whom you will serve. Will it be Jesus Christ? THE Lord and Saviour? Or Satan, and the pits of hell?

(Satan) "Well I was once a creation of shining light, I was a star in heaven such a brilliant sight, the glory of God was around me every day. But I forgot the Creator Who fashioned me, I wanted what he had, just for me, but I was lifted in pride until that aweful day! Then the wages of sin came over me, now I am lost for an eternity. It’s the wages of sin. Sin, Sin. Yeah the wages of sin. Sin sin.

(Adam and Eve) Well we had it all in the garden of paradise. The beauty of the nature was without price, but we gave it all to eat of the forbidden fruit. Well with all we had we still wanted more. Didn’t love God enough to believe His Word. Now we’ve lost his presence. In a world of sin. Now we’ve created a world that’s an ugly sight. We just wish we could go back and make it right. But it’s too late now. Yeah it’s too late now. Oh the wages of sin have come over me, guess I’ll never be what I was meant to be. It’s the wages of sin. Sin, sin. Yeah the wages of sin. Sin sin sin!

(Jesus) I came down from Heaven, in humility. I gave up my glory because of Love. But the ones I created, rejected me, and nailed me to the cross….. For the wages of sin, I paid the wages of sin! He broke the wages of sin. There’s no more ‘wages of sin’. Yeah!

Come Close To Me

Written By: Kelly and Travis Frank

I’ve been watching you you’ve been running away down a path you should not follow. But I’ll never leave you if you come to Me I can take away your sorrow. Come close to me, come close to me…and live. You’re wearing a disguise, but I can see through all your lies. It’s not too late to change. Come close to Me, come close to Me, and live. You say you’ll be with Me one day, but you keep pushing away. Telling yourself you can make it by with just one more high. Come close to me, come close to me and live. You’re wearing a disguise, but I can see through all your lies. It’s not too late to change. If you come close to Me, come close to Me, and live. Badatata, dadatah tah, datahtah tah, and live!

Consider the Raven

Written By: Kelly Frank

Jesus said do not be afraid. Just seek his kingdom where the
Treasure lay. But you’re too worried about your life, full of pain and sin and strife.
The birds of the air they do not sow.
They do not reap they do not store. Consider the raven. Oh yeah,
Consider the raven, ooo.
You say tomorrow brings fear and Shame, yet the Savior gives freedom in His Holy Name.
The Birds of the air they do not sow, yet you’re Father
Feeds them this you know! Consider the Raven. Consider The raven.

The choice is yours it must be made, sin is
gone the debt’s been paid. Will you take the Father’s
hand, as He gently leads you in His master plan. You will reap and you will so, as the Father leads you to His own. Consider the Raven.


"Come Close To Me" Debut Album Scheduled to Release January 8, 2013 Nation Wide

Set List

Wages of Sin, Consider the Raven, Hey Margo, Heaven, Drum Solo, Everytime I Dream, Thinkin' Bout you and Me, When the Children Cry, Tears, Damascus Road, LMFAO flow, Miley's song, Best Friend's Girl, Come Close to Me, Jesus is Lord.

We can customize an 80's only set list, Christian set list, or combination of cover/K&T Frank Originals.