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Kelly Woodhams is an emerging singer/songwriter from Melbourne. Her timeless style comes as a breath of fresh air across a contemporary music scene that has become increasingly superficial and trend-driven.

Kelly’s first album is currently in production and returns to the genuine roots of music: Simple, elegant and ageless melodies coupled with crisp and meaningful lyrics that explore universal love themes. The album takes us on a journey through the full cycle of romantic experience, progressing from the flush of a first true love (Paradise) through to the roller-coaster ups and downs of relationships (Sad Truth, I Am Waiting, Why Do I Feel This Way), and finally on to a broader sense of self-awareness and independence (Keep Your Head Up Tonight, I Feel Better [when I sing the blues]).

Listeners will find themselves readily relating to her clear and perceptive storylines. Kelly’s poignant lyrics eloquently express some of the most intense emotions we can experience in our love lives, though commonly we struggle to articulate them. Despite the target audience being adult female these songs should also appeal to many males, for even the hardest of hearts among us still fall in and out of love.

Kelly’s characteristic ‘sound’ is one of sensitive vocals supported by lead and solo acoustic guitars, with the stunningly vibrant guitar solos on many of the tracks a particular highlight.

Sometimes joyous and intimate, sometimes bittersweet and introspective, Kelly’s first album is a heartfelt reflection on love and its often bruising and enduring consequences. Above all, the honesty encapsulated within her lyrics shines through.

Summary of Kelly’s Style

• The genre sits between acoustic ballad and acoustic pop
• Kelly’s work is traditional rather than trendy – her compositions will stand & fall not on their novelty value but on the quality of her lyrics and melodies
• The target audience is female, old enough to have been involved in significant romantic relationships ie. 16-60
• The album has been developed as a ‘personal listening experience’ with a developing and maturing story line
• Each song explores a universal emotional theme such as love, loss, regret, pride and indecision
• Kelly’s soft, sensual and breathy vocal style is enhanced through her captivating use of harmonies
• Some of the influences on Kelly’s music have been Tracy Chapman, Eva Cassidy, Simon & Garfunkel and the early career of Jewel