An artist who looks good, composes her own music, plays guitar and piano, can sing and has a comfortable natural stage presence.


Trained classical guitarist. Attended Hartt School of Music for Classical Guitar Performance Degree program. Started writing music at age 11. I Remember Long Ago was written at age 11 after witnessing an oil spill on Narragansett Bay in Barrington RI.


I Remember Long Ago

Written By: Kelly Zanghi-Clark

I remember long ago
where I do stand flowers did grow
miles and miles of
wheat did glow
the sun would shine once upon a time
but it was sold all for a

I could see the horizon and the setting sun,
clouds trimmed with
as the sky did run
but it was sold
no more fun

I used to swim
in the green blue sea
but a slick black monster over-powered thee
for the money

when I was small
a man did come
with a three piece suit

momma said, he had a lot of loot.
He bought my sunshine and my fields
green blue water and the clean fresh gales

Now my children cannot play
Puff the Magic Dragon
along the Cherry Way
to them, it's just a fairy tale

like grandma told me of the milking pail

It's just a fairy tale
it was
long, long, long ago
and it was sold all for a dime
all for a dime.


Set List

Will/can cover any female singer/songwriter.