Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
BandHip HopAcoustic

I think my music can be the next big thing ! My music brings movement to the audience , & everybody around it . Its brings a joyful noise to your ears . My music gets people energetic & hyper . My music sets a tone in your head you'll never forget !


My name is KellzyK I live in Milwaukee , WI . I am 15 years old & my music genre is Hip Hop . I been making music since i was 10 years old & i have been enjoying it ever since . When I first started I didn't take it that serious .
My dad ( Reno Navada ) , mom ( Cheticka ) , & brother
( Reiz L ) was my motivation . They kept pushing me to keep goin & they got me the way I am today . I have alot of local fame because of them . I love music so much , I don't see me giving it up in the future . Music started out as a hobby for me , Now music is my LIFE !


KellzyK - Hot Boy Life
KellzyK - Hot Boy Life Remix
KellzyK - Green Team
KellzyK - Ching Ching Ching
KellzyK - Gotta Do It