Kelsea Little

Kelsea Little

 San Diego, California, USA

What happens when you mix forty strings, a meadowlark, a basket of garden vegetables, and a cup of warm tea with a shot of honey? Most likely you’d end up with a young imaginative girl from the mountains of California named Kelsea Little, and her faithful sidekick Neil, a five foot-tall harp.


Kelsea began taking harp lessons around the corner from her childhood home at just 8 years old. She moved through school excelling in literary and musical studies, and her interests eventually gravitated toward songwriting. After a successful three year run with her first band, The Wrong Trousers (of YouTube fame), she has recently emerged onto the indie folk scene as a solo artist and is making quite an impression already.

While often compared to Regina Spektor and Joanna Newsom, Kelsea has a style all her own. With honest, enticing lyrics and an ear for evocative melodies, her music is relatable and yet excitingly brand new at the same time. Even more enchanting than her songs is her stage presence. She speaks so colloquially with each new audience that, after seeing her live, you may have the strange feeling that you just made a new best friend. And if you told her, she’d probably oblige.

Kelsea's debut full-length LP, Personal Myth, was released late in 2011. The record reflects Kelsea’s maturation as a musician, but the unique way in which she views the world will certainly still shine through each track.


Personal Myth (released November 29, 2011)