Kelsey Quigley

Kelsey Quigley


"Kelsey reminds us of a young Bonnie Raitt, spinning her own unique interpretations on songs by folks like Ray Charles, Etta James, Rolling Stones, Aretha and Dylan. A little blues, a little R&B, and a big voice equals a big talent you'll be hearing about in the future." -The Beehive


Boston-born and raised on the coast of Maine, Kelsey Quigley' has a voice for the ages. Quigley's music, like her New England roots, speaks of character and heart. Some say these things are in the blood. In Quigley’s case, it’s in the voice. "Soulful", "hopeful", "stirring" - terms frequently heard describing the music, the singer, the voice.

Then and now, a voice beyond her years, Quigley’s little-girl determination outmeasured even her dreams. Turned away by voice instructors as ‘too young’, Quigley auditioned and was selected at the age of 10 as one of the youngest students to train with Maryte Bizinkauskas at Boston Conservatory. In 2003, as a junior at The Governor's Academy, Quigley’s music - and her work with children suffering loss and transition - garnered national attention when she worked to establish a music therapy program for Hospice of the North Shore.

A student of classical technique for six years, Quigley discovered her own voice - and the genres of gospel, R&B, and soul - while working with two-time Boston Music Award Recipient (Best Female Rock Vocalist) Didi Stewart while in high school. Stewart, who Quigley counts now as mentor, friend, and collaborator, sings back-up vocals on Quigley’s debut cd which was released in December 2007.

The album, "crystal & ash", is a mix of pre-owned music (Etta James, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Eagles, Sam & Dave, Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin) produced by Quigley and co-producer/arranger Mike Null. Quigley and Null have re-shaped the music for a powerful mix of 'old school R&B'. Tom Eaton (Thomas Eaton Recording, Newburyport) recorded, mixed and mastered crystal & ash, which features Quigley’s vocals and a stellar group of musicians including Null on guitar, Bruce Bears on piano, Sven Larson on upright bass, Justin Berthiume on drums, Randy Bramwell on electric bass, Didi Stewart on back-up vocals, and Scott Aruda and John Aruda on horns.

A recent graduate of Harvard University with a concentration in children and human rights, Quigley performs at clubs, events, and venues throughout New England and continues to use her voice to bridge the world of music with social causes affecting children.


'crystal & ash' released January 2008

Set List

Sets range from a single 45-minute set to 3 or 4 45 minute sets. Typical repertoire consists of a mix of covers (blues, R&B, and soul) including songs from Etta James, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Eagles, Sam & Dave, Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin - called old-school R&B, it's music that will bring you back.