Kelsey Rottiers & The Rising Tide
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Kelsey Rottiers & The Rising Tide

Band Folk Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Kelsey Rottiers' new EP"

"Kelsey's warm, robust voice propels her heartfelt song writing forward through a landscape that is peppered with pop melodies,and a sometimes alt-country/torch-es- que vibe. This e.p. is a great introduction to a promising, young singer/songwriter."
Jason Guitarstring - Emusic

"Lyrical art of Kelsey Rottiers"

"Kelsey will blow you away, by the range of emotion in her voice pulling you back and forth until you can't help but close your eyes and imagine yourself in the lyrics."
- Isaac. GWM - itunes

"Smooth vocals of Kelsey Rottiers"

"Kelsey showcases her smooth vocals and simple guitar rhythms that offer space to truely appreciate her storytelling. Fans of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, and Eva Casidy will love Kelsey's music."
- Scott Runyon, - itunes

"What's New With Kelsey Rottiers"

"I’d been out of touch with Kelsey Rottiers’ music for quite a while. I knew she was spending some quality time honing her craft in Martha’s Vineyard, I knew she was still writing and performing aplenty, and even though I’d caught a song or two here and there, I still didn’t really know what she was up to.

"Whatever she was up to, it paid off. A two- or three-year lacuna in one’s awareness of an artist’s music provides fresh insight when one finally drops back in to monitor the artist’s progress – and progress she certainly has!

"Some things have stayed the same. The easy vocal comparisons to Ella and Billie are still there. In general, the pleasantly sparse production is still there, nestling the warmth of Kelsey’s voice in between the equal warmth and percussion of the ever-present acoustic guitar. And the songwriting is still there; in fact, it’s as much or more 'there' than I’ve ever heard it (and it was great to begin with).

"The best thing, for me, is seeing a talented person stretch their talent, and especially when it’s so tantalizingly easy – and nowadays, common practice – to rest on the tried-and-true motifs that showcased the talent in the first place. As I was getting at before, Kelsey’s new material bears a welcome resemblance to her old material, but it’s most definitely stretched. It’s evolved. It’s growing with her.

"I couldn’t be happier to be getting reacquainted with this music, and I seem to have come at a good time. The music itself has come at a good time, as well. Like so many wildflowers stubbornly poking up between slabs on the sidewalk, there seems to be this niche of musically and emotionally rich songstresses who remind us that Brittany and Beyonce are not all their sex has to offer a listening audience. Kelsey Rottiers, with her triple threat of singing, songwriting, and performing, has the definite potential to climb to the top tier amongst her soulful contemporaries. If she doesn’t, something will clearly have gone horribly wrong in the music world… and I, for one, would storm the gates until they gave us more music from Kelsey Rottiers!"
-Christian Somerville - Facebook


Picture Box- EP
6 songs posted on reverbnation: 21st of August, Heights & Kites, Probably;amen, Honey Wine, Let Your Hair Down, Picture Box which have had 1458 plays. These songs are also posted on myspace and facebook and recieve quite a bit of attention there.



I started writing and performing my songs professionally about ten years ago. But that’s not really where the story starts. Growing up, I always considered the tree in front of our house to be my tree because when I climbed it, I felt like no one could disturb me. The world was quiet, and that's when it started. There was something so enthralling about this quietness I just had to fill it with my own voice. Pretty soon I was singing as loud as I could because I felt like no one could hear me. Of course... everyone could hear me, but I didn't care as much as I did when I was on the ground. Every day, I'd climb my tree and sing. I'd make up words, tunes, rhythms. Most of it didn't even make sense, and I knew it was just another ridiculous thing I'd discovered. I'd imagine others listening to my playful world of mumbles and instantly change the channel in my mind. As long as no one was watching or listening, I was free to simply love singing.
Eventually I got used to the idea of inviting others into my world, but these were the seeds planted in my heart at a very young age. As Jon Foreman says, "for these seeds to give birth to life, first they must die." The collection I’ve pulled together comes from yet another rebirth, and I feel it is the best I've had to offer thus far. Gathering the insight gained from the voices of Ingrid Michaelson, Brandi Carlile, Rosie Thomas, Sam Phillips, and the classic genius of Ella Fitzgerald, I am so excited for you to hear it in its entirety. The structure is folk/indie, grafting in addicting melodies derived from multiple pop influences. Along with the collaborative efforts of Derek Turcsanyi on guitar and background vocals, I offer it back to you and we sincerely hope you enjoy our gift to you.