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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Alternative Acoustic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Press - Review Highlights"

“Introspective groovalious pop rock.”

“Full fledged musical virtuoso and accomplished songwriter”
- Ocean Drive

“Kick-ass black bands that came to save yo’ pale ass”
- Village Voice (about Pillow Theory, Gnarls Barkley, TV On The Radio, Earl Greyhound)

“This modern rock quartet is taking the world by storm”
- FOX News

“Pillow Theory turns up the distortion with a sound dipped in molten metal and alt-rock urgency”
- Brooklyn Academy of Music

“I gotta say, I love the unique sound these guys possess”
- Steppin Out Magazine

“This band holds no punches while driving you to the wall with an energy that leaves you checking your pulse and trying to catch your breath”
– St. Croix Music Magazine

“Pillow Theory’s heavy 4/4 beats and full throttled distortion could probably buttress the house of rock itself”
- Brooklyn Daily Eagle

“Listening to 'Outpatience' is like walking in to your own surprise party! When you hit 'play', your mouth gapes and you get that startling sensation on some songs as Kelsey's sweet voice turns screamo at the drop of a hat! You do not know what to expect on this roller-coaster ride of a CD-it's like opening up a Cracker Jack box and finding that little surprise inside!”
- Kriselen .com - Press


(With Pillow Theory)
- 9 1/2
- Outpatience

- ROCK N' ROLL REPARATIONS - Black Rock Coalition's CD compilation
- Hair Apparent

- Nylon & Steel EP 1



NYC based singer and songwriter Kelsey has been the proud vocalist, screamer and aural manipulator for the Alt-Rock band pILLOW tHEORY for years. A former NJ preppie nerd that trained in classical voice as well as jazz guitar and theory who turned goth, then punk, and eventually blended up all of his personalities to finally become well, himself. After years of Miami life Kelsey migrated back to the North and waxed his multi-instrumental skills for a plethora of NY artists on stage and in the studio. He formed pILLOW tHEORY as a personal remedy for depression.

With his first solo release "Nylon & Steel 1", we see the Rock God peel back his layers and we get to experience his lighter side. In this setting Kelsey is raw, enigmatic and exposed. With a stripped down sound we get to experience the beauty that is Kelsey. Truly one of the most unique and versatile vocalists of our time Kelsey's sound on the "Nylon & Steel 1" EP can be described as "Dave Matthews meets Seal".

The sparse and beautifully lo-fi "Nylon & Steel 1" came about because whenever Kelsey needed some fresh inspiration, he would perform solo shows for pILLOW songs and would also break down the older material to its bare songwriting core. Warren (who has performed with his band in such venues as Hard Rock Cafe, CBGB, the Rainbow Room, Whisky A Go-Go and The Knitting Factory) feels that though it's a change from his heavier pILLOW concerts he always keeps his solo vibe as alive as one guy with a guitar and a microphone can. Until this point, Kelsey had never documented these shows or released a body of work that represents their unique sound.

"Nylon & Steel" will be a 2 EP project. This album is the first of the set, both of which will be released in 2010. Kelsey says, "The songs chosen for this first EP are all inspired by the women who sculpted me into a better person. I've been known to write some pretty dark stuff in my life and I wanted to put together a body of work that was more on the lighter, 'I'm enjoying life and the people around me' side when I felt the time was right. When the second "Nylon & Steel" EP is released later this year, it will probably sound dark as all hell! Where there's a yin..."

This EP was recorded with Kelsey's longtime friend Denise Barbarita in Queens from January to April of 2010. "She engineered this and dealt with me battling myself for the most part." Kelsey states. The product is a dazzling bare bones and beautiful ode to love and growth. The lighter side of this double EP is ready to go! On "Nylon & Steel" Kelsey has once again proven himself to be a virtuoso songwriter and singer within any musical setting.