Kelsey Weston

Kelsey Weston


Kelsey Weston, soon to be Kelsey Humphreys, is a lyricist. She writes primarily Contemporary Christian songs but also Country and Adult Contemporary Top 40. She loves performing but is currently focusing her energies on getting her songs out.


Kelsey is influenced by writers Nichole Nordemann, Jewel, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Mark Shultz. Her lyrics are similar to those of Nordemann but her melodies and style is closer to those of Shultz. Her vocal style is broadway-esque with clear tones and articulation. She has been likened to Faith Hill and Sutton Foster (current Broadway star).

Kelsey is passionate about Christ and music. If you are an artist interested in singing any of Kelsey's work, or would like to hear more of her work, feel free to contact her.



Written By: Kelsey Weston

(Verse 1) You're an open field of wild flowers where I can run away, you're a hidden grove of trees where I can sleep in the shade. You're an open road straight and smooth where I can just drive, you're a solitary swing set where my feet can touch the sky, you are, you are...
(Chorus) You are my escape, my one and only hiding place, you are my retreat, the only getaway that I need, you are so good to me, you are my prince of peace, Jesus, you are my escape.
(Verse Two) You're that wave of peace that calms my heart and slows my mind, you're stillness in a daydream where I lose track of time. You're a random burst of laughter about nothing at all, you're carefree barefoot freedom that I felt when I was small, you are, you are


Written By: Kelsey Weston

(Verse One)Father help me, I just realized as I stand here 'neath blue blue skies, it's not that I don't like this place of warmth, it's just been a while since I've seen a storm. I didn't turn away, and I'm not about to fall, what concerns me is I'm not moving at all, if there's one thing worse than leaving your will, I believe that it's standing still.
(Bridge One) Now my desire, is that you would rekindle my fire. I sing I love you Lord, now I long to love you more.
(Verse Two) I've grown content along my way to simply smile and say 'have a nice day'. I claim that one-on-one just isn't my style, withholding your truth all the while. I tell myself actions are louder than words, really I'm just scared of being burned. What if I really shine your line, what if I truly gave you my life?
(Bridge Two) Now my desire, is that they would feel my fire. I say I love them Lord, now I long to love them more.
(Chorus) More, God, More.(repeat) More longing and more creed, more you and less me. More. More, God, More. (repeat) Less of my dreams and more of your will, more running and less standing still. More!
(Verse Three) I don't know what it is that stops me in my tracks, but this I know, there's no turning back. Why can't I just keep my eyes on the prize, and once I see it, run for my life.
(Bridge Three) Now my desire is to be consumed in the fire, that all would see you in me, furthermore God, be all that they see!

My Everything

Written By: Kelsey Weston

(verse one) When I just can't go that second mile and I just can't find the way to smile and I just can't seem to catch my breath. When it seems the world is on my case and everything is to fast-paced and I can't take another step, I cry to you, and you come to me, and I lean on you, and you carry me.
(Chorus) You're the wind in my sails, you're the bounce in my step, you're the reason I, can be who I am, the reason I sing is because you love me, you are my everything.
(verse two) And they want to know the reasons for the changing of the seasons in the life that they're unhappy with. And they come to me for answers and I ask you for the right words to tell them of your precious gift. And I cry to you and you come to me and I wait for you and you speak through me.
(Chorus Two)
He's the wind in my sails, He's the bounce in my step, He's the reason I, can be who I am, the reason I sing is because He loves me, He is my everything.
(bridge) I just want to thank you Lord, I want to love you more and more, Father, listen as I pray. And I cry to you, and you come to me, and I sing to you 'cause you are my King!


Self-titled, Kelsey Weston, 2003