Kemar Thompson, (Jr. Pinchers)

Kemar Thompson, (Jr. Pinchers)


We are a band formed around the talents of the lead singer, Kemar Thompson. His extraordinary voice is accompanied by the original musical compositions of Rachel Bernard, musical director and head of Royal Concert Productions.


Born October 10, 1982, Kemar Thompson , (a.k.a Jr. Pinchers), is from St. Catherine, Jamaica. In his early years, he frequently performed at schoool talent shows performing material that were songs of his father - the reggae icon "Pinchers".

Kemar spent his youth growing up around his fathers' studio as well as partner studios and was influenced greatly by his talent as well as others around hiim in the Jamaican music business. Eventually Kemar came into his own as an artist and began writing his own songs. His first single was released in 1997 called "Blaze Up the Fire". Now as a Royal Concert artist, Kemar has performed and recorded at such legendary studios as Jammys, Scorpio, Mixing Lab, Cali Bud, Young Bloodz, Tiger Records and many others.

Late 2006, Royal Concert released "Too Many of My Love Songs" as preview to his highly anticipated 2007 summer EP relase 'True Story'. The latest video release is entitled, "When Did You Leave Heaven?", "4 Ever" and the his current hit single, "Unfaithful Lover" are enjoying rotation on the Caribbean mega station, MTV's Tempo as well as Jamaican TV and with substantial radio support, Kemar Thompson is a name to watch out for.


Single released digitally and on 7" vinyl, on Calibud Productions label 2003, Named "She Never Know"
EP released digitally, on Royal Concert Productions label 2006, named "Shakamello and Kemar", w/ 7 tracks
Single released digitally, on Royal Concert Productions 2006, named"Unfaithful Lover"
Single released digitally, on Royal Concert Productions 2006, named "The Purple Door"
Single released digitally, on Royal Concert Productions
2006, named "Be with You Always"

Set List

(1) "When Did You Leave Heaven?" (2)" Too Many Of My Love Songs"(3) "4 Ever" (4) "Wicked People" (6) "Be With You Always" (7) "I'll Be the Light" (8) " The Purple Door" (9) "Unfaithful Lover"(10) "True Story"(11)(encore) "She Never Know"- this is about a 45 minute set, depending on audience and technical factors