Kenaniah Kennebrew

Kenaniah Kennebrew


Urban Inspiration!! Powerful Life Changing Music Inspired by God, Created to encourage and speak to the hearts of men, women and children of all nations.


A respected industry professional, Kennebrew honed his songwriting, production and executive skills through years working behind the scenes within the music industry. Kenaniah has a track record that spans over 20 years working as an artist and repertoire director, artist development specialist, music and creative consultant, and as an in-house songwriter and producer for major labels including: Philadelphia International, Laface Records, Scorpio Records, Diversity Records, Shock City, Gasoline Alley, Warner Bros, 21st Century Soul, and Two Fish Music Group.

Currently, Kennebrew serves as President/CEO of Def Anointed International, LLC and Chrysalis Ellington Worldwide, which he founded in January 2006. Def Anointed serves as a bold new international outreach music ministry. Chrysalis Ellington handles music for film, television, radio, industrials and special services such as original songs for corporate and private events, original theme compositions for motivational conferences, empowerment seminars, customized wedding songs, mood music for private parties and functions. Chrysalis Ellington also provides synchronization rights for Kennebrew’s extensive secular catalog comprised of music from Lugene St. Amare' Publishing and Future School Publishing. A complete listing of both catalogs can be found on B.M.I.

Kennebrew has also launched a successful career as an actor. and continues to impact the international radio industry with Anointed International a music forum that showcases inspirational music from around the world.


New Music From Kenaniah Kennebrew

Inspired by Author Gary Chapman's Novels The 5 Love Languages, and 7 Levels Of Intimacy

Music For The Heart Of A Man And The Soul Of A Woman

New Perspectives on Love, Communication, Relationships and Marriage

How in the world could five and seven ever equal one?

Well Kenaniah Kennebrew has a formula that adds up perfectly to one. One
Man,One Woman learning The Five Love Languages, and how to apply the one
that fits your significant other, Additionally working the 7 Levels Of
Intimacy to enhance and strengthen spiritual, emotional, and physical
bonds within marriages and love relationships. The word intimacy as it is
applied in the context of 5+7=1 deals with intimacy from the perspective
of being honest and truthful with yourself, working out the issues of your
heart, essentially enabling you to have an honest relationship with The
Father, Ultimately enriching every aspect of your life and relationship.

Kennebrew continues to stay at the forefront of inspirational soul, while
maintaining his spiritual integrity

This September will mark Kenaniah Kennebrew's
20th year in the music


5+7=1 available through official website
Worldwide 96:available on cd-depot
Billionaire Beliver:available at cd baby, and itunes

Set List

1, Abundant Life Girl
2, Can't Live Without Your Love
3, Keep On (D-Train Cover)
4, God's The One For Me
5, Deeper Love
6, Issues Of The Heart
7, God Wants You
8, First Fruits,The Love Season
9,Riding Through Heaven