Ken Bonfield

Ken Bonfield


A Ken Bonfield concert experience encompasses folk, celtic, classical, and blues music written for acoustic guitar; music that may best be described as fojazzical...a feast not only for guitar lovers, but for anyone with a passion for acoustic music.


Calling Ken Bonfield a guitarist is a bit like calling Michelangelo a painter. He's one of the most talented and sincere performers around, and his storytelling alone is worth the price of admission. Expect to be dazzled by his fretwork, charmed by his wit, and moved by his music.

Ken Bonfield is a guitarist, composer, performer, clinician, and educator with 6 CD's to his credit. Bonfield's music has been featured on PRI's Nationally Syndicated radio show, Echoes, NPR's All Things Considered, PBS TV's Yankee Workshop, Fox-TV, and ABC-TV. Known for his left-of-center wit, Ken describes his performances as Leo Kottke meets Ed Gerhard on the way to a Bill Cosby concert.

Bonfield has toured extensively throughout the U.S and Canada as a featured performer at the finest acoustic venues, concert series, festivals, and music conferences such as Kent State Folk Festival, The Bluebird Cafe, Northeast Regional Folk Alliance, Uncle Calvin's, Eddie's Attic, Evening Star Performing Arts Series, and the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance. He has recorded two Living Room Concerts for Public Radio International's "Echoes" with bassist, Michael Manring, and violinist, Joe Ebel, and he has shared the stage with many of today's finest acoustic performers such as Arlo Guthrie, John Mayer, Adrian Legg, Chuck Brodsky, Acoustic Eidolon, Pierce Pettis, Christine Kane, Ed Gerhard, Dee Carstensen, Harvey Reid, Bill Mize, and many more.

Ken is currently on tour in support of his newest Cd, American Baroque: Steel String Surprise, his most stylistically diverse album to date. Best known for his seminal instrumental album, Homecoming, Bonfield's live sets feature material from American Baroque, described by one reviewer as "a beautiful journey into the real Americana ...Bonfield shows his ability to stay organic... music that is uplifting and soulful...encompasses passion, touches the soul, and rejuvenates the heart and mind." Brian Garrepy,


Indian Rain Solo guitar 2008
Brand New Digital only (til June)
Radio promotion begins mid-June 2008

American Baroque, 2006
#11 November NAR World Chart, Top 20 3 months 2007 The album was #1 on scores of radio stations!

WinterNight #20 NAR World Chart, December 2007

Mystic Morning, NAV top 20 1996 for 3 months
Re-issued 2007
Radio promotion for re-issue spring 2008

Homecoming, Echoes Top 25 1998, NAV #5, top 20 for 6 months (Reissued 2007)
(radio promotion of re-issue fall 2008)

Set List

I almost always play Steel String Surprise, Summer Rain, and Ella's Labor Day Blues. The rest of the set varies night to night depending on mood, circumstance, and whoever else I might be playing with that evening. It's always an interesting blend of original music from my catalogue, as well as a taste of brand new, un-recorded music.

Although I don't sing at every show, lyrics for two songs are included for your review in the audio files. I can send you mp3's of vocals should you wish.