Ken Boynton

Ken Boynton

 Seattle, Washington, USA

"Ken Boynton writes songs that touch the listener in a personal way. Whether the subject matter is as serious as can be, or lighthearted and whimsical, Boynton's songs hit home." -Jason Parker, KMTT "The Mountain" Seattle, WA

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Do My Best

Written By: Ken Boynton

Do My Best by Ken Boynton
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No one's here now
I'm sittin' all alone
Used to be a park when I was just a kid
Now it's overgrown
As I watch the sun set in the west
I'm tryin' to do my best

No more progress
They chased it out of town
Still, for some strange reason
Feels like sacred ground
Like the moment when a wave will crest
I'm tryin' to do my best

Nothin' further
There's nothin' left to say
I'm not sure that I'd know how
To go on anyway
If you'd like to try, please be my guest
I think I did my best
I tried to do my best
I'm tryin' to do my best