Rock Soul Music. Bare bones, yet curiously complex.


He's a writer, vocalist, guitarist and producer, but finds his element performing in front of a live audience. His New York and New Jersey shows attract a varied audience of bohemians and old school soul lovers. Ask any of them what Kendal's sound is like, and you might hear something like, "John Legend with a guitar," or " Me'shell Ndegeocello, but a man," or "Sade with a Red Hot Chili Peppers influence." The truth is, Kendal has the charisma and originality of any of these individual artists, but clearly feeds off of the energy of his cohesive back up band. Together, the group performs with a unity and sense of integrity that is timeless.

Timelessness is a theme that runs throughout Kendal's music and image, hence his resistance to flash-in-the-pan photo shoots and gimmicky singles. From the moment he began performing solo, the suggestions began pouring in: be more R&B to appeal to a broader fan base, or more hip-hop to cater to what an audience expects from a 20-something African American male.

The expectations were acknowledged but ignored, and Kendal has gone on to create his own genre. Redirecting the consciousness of the average mainstream radio listener isn't an easy task, but he's up for the challenge.

Kendal continues on his own path, confident that the right audience will find him and stay for the journey.


Cut From A Stone Edge Soul- LP, 2004
Heights in the Decline- EP, 2007