Kendall Triplett

Kendall Triplett


Contemporary Christian Singer/Songwriter with old-school R&B style


Kendall Triplett, a contemporary Christian singer and songwriter, prepares for the August 2004 release of his debut CD single “You are My Everything.” “This is my expression of praise to God,” comments Triplett. With acoustic guitar and drums as the main instrumentation, this mid-tempo song will not only elevate your spirit, it will compel your feet to move.

Triplett also wrote “Where Do I Go From Here,” a tender ballad. Written from a prodigal son’s perspective, this message not only applies to the wayward man but to the person who is weary and battered from life. “I pray this song will serve as a reminder that no matter where we are in life or what we’re going through, we can always go back home,” explains Triplett.

Kendall Triplett grew up in church and around gospel music. His father is a pastor, and his mother is a musician. His parents recognized his musical skills, and they encouraged him to develop his talent. By age eight, Kendall was singing for congregations across Arkansas and Oklahoma. This early training is reflected in his poise and professionalism.

Triplett started writing songs in college. “The numerous writing classes I took while obtaining a liberal arts degree was extremely helpful in crafting songs,” says Triplett, who earned his BA degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 1997.

In 1998, while living in Arlington, Texas, Triplett received the Unsung Singer’s award given by Kirk Franklin and Fo Yo Soul Productions. Most recently, Kendall was invited as a special music guest on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise The Lord television programs in Oklahoma City, OK, and in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kendall Triplett currently serves as co-chairman of the music department at Shady
Grove Baptist Church in Roland, Oklahoma. His music ministry, however, spans far beyond the church congregation. “Church is where believers go to be strengthened, and church is the necessary place to go. I am inspired, however, to go beyond the church walls and into the community to encourage others with the good news.”

Triplett has sung at fashion shows, library functions, book readings, Little Theatre events, and state fairs.

Once you hear his music, you will feel the Father’s love calling you to listen to Triplett’s smooth and pure voice.


"You are My Everything" CD Single, 2004

Set List

Microphone and Stand
Original and Cover Material
30 minutes