Ken Deavers

Ken Deavers

 Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

For any acoustic lover out there, this is the music you live for. Soothing riffs and stunning lyrics are what this artist thrives for. Its undescribable, the effect that the ambience of these melodies will have on you. If music is medicine, then Ken is the pharmacist to give you audible morphine.


"It wasnt so much me sitting down and learning to play guitar.. It was more along the lines of me sitting down with a guitar, and the guitar speaking everything i thought but wasnt able to say, my feelings.

And the 'learning process' for me wasn't actually learning... It was more along the lines of me trying to explain those feelings to the guitar..

And me getting better at it is really just my guitar understanding me better, and being able to speak them better for me.

But I've still got a lot of feelings left unsaid, so I will continue to get better."



Written By: Ken Deavers

It, it was a lie,
To treat you like
I've treated you tonight;
To hold your hand,
And make you think
We were more than friends.
I'm just a guy
Tryin' to find some meaningless
Fun tonight.
I know I'm wrong.
But I've been hurt so many times before.
This can't be wrong for me to sit and
Ignore your phone calls.
I've had my share of let downs in life.
So you'll be compensation,
If only for tonight.

And I'll make you feel like an angel to the world.
It's not like you're any different
From the other girls I've met.
And I'll let you fall before I get myself hurt;
And leave you on this empty floor
With blood spilling down your shirt.

All alone.
I know its painful but I can not
Feel, anymore.
This emptiness inside me takes control
Of my world.
To me, your just another
Another girl;
Another girl;
Another girl
Looking for love,

That's not here.
It will never be here.
It's not here

Not Just A Song

Written By: Ken Deavers

You always wanted me
To write a song to make you see
The beauty in my words
When I speak of you and me.

You wouldn't believe the irony,
Isn't it funny that
I couldn't write a single line
Until the day that you leave.

But now
It's getting harder to hold my feet upon the ground.
I sure thought you'd have what it takes
To let me down.
But I'm the one who let you down.

It's getting hard to eat
And getting hard to breathe.
My pulse is racing, I don't know
How I'm supposed to sleep.
Got a picture in my head
From a distant memory:
Standing in your kitchen,
Making brownies.
Your lips kissing mine,
And the mix upon your cheek.
"I'll let you taste the spoon
Before I lick your lips clean."
We were so in love
We were so happy

I know this can't be over.
Your everything I'll ever need

It's getting harder
To hold my feet
Upon the ground.

I sure thought you'd
Have what it takes
To let me down.
But I'm the one who let you

And I know I've made mistakes,
But I don't think it's too late
To maybe change our fate,
And have a life so great.
Together, we'll conquer everything,
And frollic as the birds sing
A tune, so beautiful
In our name.

And as we dance in the rain,
They'll call us insane,
Say we have no brains,
But they're just lame
They'll never know what it's really like
To truely win
In this game.


Written By: Ken Deavers

Baby please dont

Run away from all that we've become.
After three long years I know
This can't be done.
I know that we've been fighting but
My flag is up,
I tell you you've won.
And If you can't forgive me I'll
Load up this gun.

And watch the bullets tear through
Every promise left unkept,
Always knew what they meant,
Something insignificant
To make us feel content:
Nothing that we could prevent
From breaking in the end.

Now it's getting hard to live without:

You're smiling face,
The sweet embrace,
The feeling in my heart that I
Know I can't replace.
So take me on,
And make us one,
And if its really over I'll
Know that its been fun.

But please

And what will happen to the rooms
We turned into a home?
The kitchen and the living room,
These walls have seen living proof,
The meaning in this song:
That you and I belong
And if you think you're better off
Without me then your dead wrong.

And we could see
Every sight we ever dreamed
We'd have a possibility,
To sail across the sea
To London and Paris,
But it would mean nothing
Without you next to me.

Now it's getting hard to live without....


Demo 2010
1. Not Just a Song
3. Comparisons to Cherubs
4. Silence of the Singer


Set List

Silence of the Singer
Two Words, Break Up
Seeking Forgiveness
Comparisons to Cherubs
Chelsea's Song