Kendo The Almost Famous

Kendo The Almost Famous

 Elmont, New York, USA
BandAlternativeHip Hop

Kendo The Almost Famous an Alternative/Hip Hop/ Soul blend, is more substance than flash. No genre is off limits: no topic is too taboo. Discovered by Chuck D & most recently (summer2010) opened for Public Enemy, east coast tour. The new single "Rock Harder" ft. DMC of RUNDMC. Line3Ent./SlamJamz.


‘Never Stop; Never give up’ is a phrase that is often uttered by the masses but has become the personal mantra of Kenneth ‘Kendo’ Walker. Radio introduced a young Do to Rakim’s “Check out my Melody”, EPMD’s “You Gots to Chill” and Chuck D’s “Rebel without a Pause”. Attending a concert at Nassau Coliseum featuring Will Smith and LL Cool J solidified the young rapper’s determination to go from the streets to the stage.

It was the early 90’s and Mattie C entered Kendo’s first group Ruffside Brat Crew into the Unsigned Hype Column Contest (Source Magazine). Bobbito and Stretch Armstrong noticed the group and featured them at NYC Hip Hop venues for a period of two years. Next Kendo entered a contest held by the group Main Source which lead him to travel throughout the United States and Europe, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Brussels opening for acts such as Chubb Rock, the A-Team and Eric B. & Rakim.

After completing his European tour Kendo returned to the United States and was introduced to Eric Sermon by a mutual friend, Dan Tan. Kendo worked on a compilation album and other projects with Eric Sermon, including opening shows for EPMD in New York and Philadelphia. During this time he met Donovan Thomas & Doug E. Fresh who became his co-managers. This led to several appearances on the hit television show “NY Undercover”. In the same year Kendo met Gary G. Wiz and Chuck D of Public Enemy. At this point Kendo was performing with the group ‘Hyenas in the Desert’, which by the end of that year signed to Colombia Records and traveled the globe. The group’s album “Die Laughing” earned them four stars in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Although the Hyenas broke up, Kendo continued to tour with Public Enemy. He released a mix tape entitled “The Best of Kendo”, which has sold 80,000 copies to date. Kendo went on to sign a deal with the Slam Jamz label as a ghostwriter, along with soundtrack work (Vanessa Williams movie; “Just Julie” and Charlie Murphy movie; “Twisted Fortune”). Kendo also signed a deal with WWE Entertainment through Neil Lawry to produce theme music for up and coming wrestlers, he produced three songs.

Breaking free from the oppressive chains of standardized Hip Hop, Kendo has emerged as a standout persona to be watched. With the formation of his new band, The Almost Famous, Kendo has deliberately established that the new face of Hip Hop is the rebirth of original Hip Hop: true to the people and more substance than flash. No genre is off limits: no topic too taboo. Kendo is a true artist with the ability to deliver the truth to you over a melodic bass line, a pulsing rock beat or a neo-classic rhythm. His versatility makes him an enigma: his drive and determination make him a powerful force in the world of music.

Kendo’s first album with his new band; The Almost Famous, self-titled “Kendo The Almost Famous”, was distributed through Slam Jamz Records. The band completed an East Coast tour through Edge 1 Management to promote the album. “Rock Harder” featuring the legendary D.M.C. from Run D.M.C is the most recent single. The song is the first cut off the new album “Different Is Better” do for release through Line 3 Entertainment end of 2011.

Kendo The Almost Famous had a series of hot performances in the summer of 2010 which included Central Park’s Summer Stage Series, opening for Public Enemy’s Fear of the Black Planet 20th Anniversary Tour (House of Blues Boston, Northern Lights Clifton Park, Trocadero Theatre Philadelphia, 930 Club Washington D.C, Norva Auditorium Virginia and The Hat Factory). Kendo also performed at Japan’s Fuji Fest. The collective creativity, raw energy and emotion of the band are the foundation of a limitless repertoire.

The pulse of the band is provided by Rick Rock; descended from Panamanian heritage and infused with music since birth. A fated meeting brought this young Queens born rhythm aficionado to an audition with The Almost Famous band. Within moments it became clear that his versatility and talent could decidedly set the pace of the group from Rock to Hip Hop and everywhere in between.

The rhythm is not solely held in the hands of the drummer, but it is carried through the sounds of DJ Parlay, a musical physician who is always ready to perform the necessary procedures to get the crowd moving. His passion for music was evident even in his college days. While attending Howard University he linked up with Derrick (D-Dot) Angeletti and created the hit song “Party Time”. DJ Parlay has continued to hone his craft performing at festivals, nightclubs and anywhere that he can make you move. A high school friend of Kendo, he has established himself as a pivotal role in The Almost Famous band, providing a linkage for fans from live stage show, to funk history, classics and electronica.

While some play to make you move Gypsy plays to reach your soul. His lead guitar is carried like the weapon of a hired gunslinger. His sole aim is to speak the


1995: Traveled with Main Source throughout the United States and Europe, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Brussels opening for acts such as Chubb Rock, the A-Team and Eric B. & Rakim

1996: Compilation album with Eric Sermon; opened shows for EPMD in New York and Philadelphia; Donovan Thomas & Dougy Fresh became Kendo’s co-managers; several appearances on the (Fox) hit television show - NY Undercover; Through Gary G. Whiz and Chuck D. negotiated a record deal with Columbia Records

1997: Release of the album Die Laughing (Hyenas in the Desert)(Colombia Records); Rolling Stone Magazine interview five stars; traveled throughout Europe and Asia opening for Public Enemy (Germany, Russia, China and London); featured on the Best on the Underground Tour (97-98) which included Mobb Deep, MOP, Killer Army, Wu-Tang Clan and the Jungle Brothers

1999: Kendo wrote two records on Chuck D’s solo project “Mr. Chuck” (“No” and “Paid”); opened for Chuck D on his worldwide tour

2001: Released underground mix tape entitled “The Best of Kendo” which has sold 80,000 copies to date; promo for the Wendy Williams show on NY’s Hot 97.1 FM, was voted the hottest of 2001.

2002: Kendo continued to showcase his music at national venues supporting his mix tape

2003: Signed a deal with Slam Jamz label as a ghost writer

2004/5: Continued to produce music and ghost write for various artists on Slam Jamz

2006: Release of album, Kendo the Almost Famous with his new band, the Almost Famous Band (Slam Jamz Records); East Coast tour through Edge 1 Management to promote the album

2007: Soundtrack work – Vanessa William’s move, “Just Julie”; Charlie Murphy’s movie “Twisted Fortune”

2008: Opened for Public Enemy on their worldwide tour

2009: Signed deal with WWE Entertainment to produce theme music for up and coming wrestlers (three songs)

2010: Recorded first single/video “Rock Harder” featuring the legendary DMC, for new album “Different is Better”; multi-city US tour opening for Public Enemy’s 20th Anniversary Tour; “Fear of the Black Planet” (Central Park’s Summer Stage; Clifton Park’s Northern, House of Blues in Boston, Washington D.C.’s 930 Club, Philadelphia’s Trocardero, Virginia’s Norva Auditorium and the Hat Factory)

2011: Formation of Line 3 Entertainment (Multi Media/Music, Movies, TV & On-Line); “Different is better” album due for release through Line 3 Entertainment

Set List

15 Minute Show
1. Be Where I Be
2. Hell
3. Rock Harder

1/2 Hour Show
1. Be Where I Be
2. Hell
3. Thin Line
4. Lose My Mind
5. Rock Harder
6. Different Is Better