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"Rolling Stone"

The first release under public Enemy leader Chuck D's Slam Jamz imprint, the debut EP from Hyenas in the Desert is like a nocturnal howl in the wilderness, a strange, disquieting sound coming from MC Kendo (Kenneth Walker) and his cohorts as they stalk the outskirts of contemporary hip-hop. Die Laughing's throbbing midtempo jams – combining thick minimalist beats and densely constructed word flows – are a far cry indeed from the sample-happy, crossover spirit of the West Coast sound. Where Coolio coasts in style atop the classic choruses of old R&B hits, the Hyenas work from raw materials like the slapped bass note, skull-crushing back-beat and tightly syncopated rhyme scheme in "Wild Dogs." The Hyenas can quote old-school faves like Whodini and red-hot rave Nas without missing a step, but the music of this crew, from Long Island, in New York, is brash and brusque to the point of brutality.

The Hyenas' secret weapons are Kendo's verbal dexterity and supercharged delivery. He possesses some of Chuck D's bass-y vocal authority but makes no claim to preaching or teaching. In the chilling autobiography "Why Me," Kendo owns up to past criminal exploits and a tragic family history without using one to excuse the other, an expression of vulnerability that feels believable and real. Hyenas in the Desert may be too rough to ever hit the pop charts, but hip-hoppers bored with cheap gangsta poses and hippie-dippie alterna-rap can roam with these lone wolves. (RS 742)


(Posted: Sep, 5 1996)
- Wenner


Hyenas In The Desert
"Die Laughing"
1996 Slam Jamz/Columbia
Residents evil
1997-98 slamjamz/Columbia
Kendo the Almost Famous
"Almost Famous"
2006-07 Slam Jamz
"Damn Homie"
2008-09 slamjamz rec.
"Rock Harder"
2010 Slam Jamz rec
It's my time
2010 WWE rec



Kenneth “Kendo” Walker, also known as Do to family and friends, was a child of the 80’s. He grew up during an era of multitalented Hip-Hop artists, such as Public Enemy, Erick B & Rakim, and N.W.A, that produced authentic music that is still being used as a mold for the kind of sounds we hear today. These influences, as well as the “big brother mentoring” of hip hop legend Chuck D from the multi-platinum group Public Enemy, helped to breed a young man that is exciting, creative, and full of fire. This creative fire has lead to Kendo wearing many hats throughout his career including songwriter, lyricist, producer, actor, mentor, friend, and father. His poignant lyrics are delivered to the public through five different and unique MC styles and his music is crafted in such a broad pallet of colors that even the most diverse crowds that attend their shows come away from the events knowing that they just experienced something special.

Kendo experienced early success with his group Hyenas in the Desert which was signed with Columbia Records. Following this successful project Kendo signed with Chuck D’s Slamjamz Records and released the “Almost Famous” album which has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Kendo and The Almost Famous Band are now in the writing process for their sophomore effort tentatively titled Empire City.

Living by his motto “Never Stop” Kendo and The Almost Famous Band is always reaching for a higher level and seeking more to accomplish. The name of the band is always a constant reminder and great motivator to the entire team that there is always more to be achieved. With this attitude, Kendo and The Almost Famous Band will forever be reaching for the next rung on the “never-ending” ladder that will keep them on top.

Quotable Quotes;

From Chuck D of Public Enemy
“Kendo rocks this harder than rent itself…somebody needs to be watching this cat.”

From Alvon Miller Director of Marketing Shady Records
“This sh*t is bumpin’!”

From Rah Digga
“I’m lovin their style. I can’t wait to do a track with them”

From “Dee” Dean Owner Ruff Ryders Ent.
“These cats got talent! They are original and doing something that no one else is doin.”

From Kat Green Sony BMG
“These guys are original and their tracks are cool”

Recent News

Kendo has recently signed on to play the role of KB in the upcoming B&W Filmworks motion picture “Only the Hood Dies Young” along with Keysha Cole and Fabalous. The group will also be the subject of a feature article with Uptown Magazine and appearing on B.E.T.’s 106 and Park as a guest judge. The group is also scheduling an appearance on Hot 97’s Street Soldiers with Chris Alverez who has also expressed interest in doing a DVD on the bands story.

Kendo appeared on a few great compilation albums that's released in India and Europe. These compilations produced by Dj skribble and superstar Dj J-nas from India. Kendo appeared on the track along side world famous singer Sonu Nigam and Rob Base. Kendo has performed from the cold snowy mountain top clubs in Vancouver, Canada to hot latin clubs in Brazil. Kendo has rocked from London, Amsterdam, Sweden to the Fuji Fest in Japan that occupied 10,000 people.