Kendra Ward and Bob Bence

Kendra Ward and Bob Bence

 Bidwell, Ohio, USA

Authentic Appalachian Soul! Contemporary Virtuosity and Drive!


The music of Kendra Ward and Bob Bence has its roots deep in the mountains of Appalachia and it possesses a universal appeal that the duo has shared with audiences around the world for more than 30 years.

Kendra is a musician, teacher, author and composer with a lifetime of experience in traditional Appalachian arts. She has played the dulcimer since the age of four, learning primarily from her Father and her Grandmother, but also from her constant exposure to the fiddlers, banjo players, dancers and other traditional artists who live in the Appalachian hills she has always called home.

Bob is an award-winning musician who possesses a uniquely bold and powerful guitar style, and a twisted sense of humor. His professional credits include not only festivals and concert halls, but also comedy clubs and improv stages! Bob doesn't work the comedy clubs any more, but audiences still enjoy his spontaneous wit in concert with Kendra, and at the numerous "emceeing" gigs he gets!

Together Kendra Ward and Bob Bence have earned a reputation as one of the most entertaining and influential traditional music duos in the nation. They have released ten CDs and are the authors of a number of DVDs and instructional books.


Complete info about these recordings, including mp3s for every track, is available on our website at:

Rides Again! (2009)
High Plains Rain (2000)
Dulcimer Country (1996)
Some Glad Morning (1994)
Hammered Dulcimer Special (1992)
Hammered Dulcimer Christmas Sampler (1992)
Way Down Yonder (1990)
A Rose Between Two Thorns(1988)
Beyond Bluegrass (1984)
Hammered Dulcimer ... Bluegrass Style (1983)

Set List

Kendra Ward and Bob Bence perform "family friendly" concerts featuring traditional and original Appalachian music.