Kendra Flowers

Kendra Flowers


Lucinda Williams meets Beth Orton; haunting melancholic storytelling over stunning guitar-work. Some songs are simple & hopeful, others heartbreakingly tragic. Common lyrical themes: separation, adaptation.


Classically trained in piano from a very young age, Kendra Flowers grew up in Delaware and is now based in New York City. She picked up the guitar at 15, played her first gig by 16, and was heralded by The Boston Globe as possessing "riveting, phrase-bending originality [and] razor-sharp lyrics" by the age of 22.
Her lyrics are deeply personal, inspired by relationships in all their forms: taken from life, death, books, even the evening news. When you listen to her stories you feel like she knows yours.

Flowers' most recent full-length recording Yesterday's Girl was released independently in November 2004 & produced by Bruce Flowers in NYC. Yesterday's Girl is a sonic rendering of transition and adaptation. Anyone who has been compelled to trade their safe complacency for the unknown will relate to this work.

As with previous recordings Flowers continues to experiment dramatically with tunings and voicings. Her style has been described as haunting, melancholic storytelling with tight, unforgettable hooks. Her skill is unmistakable – without being ostentatious Flowers moves effortlessly around the neck of the guitar, vocals climbing and falling to the hooks sometimes in unison, sometimes harmonizing with her own guitar playing.

Flowers' prior full-length album Severance, released independently in September 2002 was produced by Asa Brebner (who also performs on it). Severance includes among others the artistry of Morphine's Billy Conway & Dana Colley. Before that in 2000 Flowers released her debut "Soulo" on Iristrax Records.

Noteworthy performances include NEMO Boston, the Newport Folk Festival (Songwriter Showcase Stage), residencies at Boston's Kendall Café & Middle East and New York City's Baggot Inn. Flowers has also begun to enjoy national acclaim as she graces public and college radio stations as well as venues throughout the U.S.

Performing and collaborating with industry thoroughbreds including Peter Calo (Carli Simon), Pugee Bell (Erykah Badu), Dan Rieser (Norah Jones), Richard Hammond (Angelique Kidjo), Jeff Hill (Rufus Wainright), Asa Brebner (Jonathan Richman, Modern Lovers), Jon Frasier (Heavy Metal Horns) and her own brother Bruce Flowers (Betty Carter, Marcus Miller, Queen Latifah), Flowers has made a name for herself as a musician's musician.

The bottom line is Kendra Flowers conveys an intensity on stage and in her recordings that will stun you. Her live performance has been rumored to wring tears from grown men – even the sober ones. Her heart is on her sleeve and somehow her songs manage to remain open to interpretation. As Steve Morse of The Boston Globe writes: "Flowers touches on so many emotions with so much talent that you simply have to hear her sing."


Yesterday's Girl

Written By: Kendra Flowers

No words mean enough to sing or say
When I sold my weight in gold I bought I back in clay
The books are gone and I don’t care, they never helped anyway
Petrified of motion but I’m too restless to stay

Funny how a dream can die so easily
When you’re staring dead into the eyes of destiny
I never used to be afraid of my own company
But now I lock the doors and throw away the key

You might not hear what I say but I’ll say it anyway
If you say things I don’t understand I’ll make it up
So you’re saying things like
Why live in the shadow of yesterday’s girl
Why give your power to the opinion of the world
They set it up to knock you down, that’s what I’ve heard
Am I too scared to find out, do I take them at their word

Staring out the window at the cars below
I consider jumping and I laugh cause they don’t know
They don’t know how these thoughts they fill my soul
But I’ve got to live to learn I’ve got to learn to let it all go

Suitcase sitting empty locked in the hall
Lit up like a beacon, I can hear it call
It won’t close on this baggage it won’t hold it all
Am I setting myself up to take another fall

Only Now

Written By: Kendra Flowers

On the news they said she was already dead when the flames got to her
Her mother cried look daddy, our baby’s on the TV her senior picture
He walked across the room towards the kitchen for the vodka
But he changed his course when he remembered the pills
Put them in his pocket and said something about a shower
Then he walked upstairs and he closed and locked the bathroom door
For the very last time, for the very last time

Naming all my sins I choke on wishing for a vision
Then I see the doors fly open on the airplane every soul sucked from inside
Future rushing to us from below
Only in this moment I know, I know

Only now do I hear the applause of the hopefuls
Only now do I smell my own fear of failure
Only now do I feel the myth of living rushing from me
Only now do I see the final face of my mother

Tommy’s mommy was in the fire, she went out for old time’s sake
She thought the flames were part of the show she didn’t know she’d suffocate on their mistake
Now the guilty are on the cross cause the jury’s unanimous
Tommy had to take the stand no one to hold his hand
Now he’s 8 going on 80 and she’s forever 25
Somehow she knew she provided for his future now it’s
For the courts to decide, for the courts to decide

Cold Comfort

Written By: Kendra Flowers

Why do triangles always seem to find me always find my heart
Secrets lie asleep untold how long can a weak heart hold, I overflow
Fever takes his time with me, Fever chopped my cherry tree to the ground
Love like this is sickening, loneliness is beaconing my return

I find cold comfort in a gray day
You’re not here, I find my way
I take my time I draw the blinds down
A wet sky, I find my sound

You welcome me into your glass house I can’t see but I find my way down
I see your rhythm in the wet clay I look back you just fall away
Masterpieces in waiting always hesitating to emerge
Love lies waiting to be saved surfacing in little waves then re-emerge

Our myth stays hidden in a love song
A white sheet to practice our dance on
Carve my story in the headstone
A blank page to test my words on


Yesterday's Girl © Kendra Flowers 2004,
Severance © Kendra Flowers 2002,
Soulo © Kendra Flowers / IrisTrax Records 2000
WERS, Boston, MA
WBOS, Boston,MA
BRTO, Holland
KBFR, Boulder, CO

Set List

Yesterday's Girl
Only Now
Cold Comfort
Won't See Me
First Full Sunday
She Runs
Hanging On
The River Doesn't Care
Closer To Blue

Set length: 45 min. - 1 hour

Covers include: Lover, You Should've Come Over (by Jeff Buckley), Life Goes On (Big Mama Thornton), It's Not (Aimee Mann)