Kendra van Nes

Kendra van Nes



Kendra van Nes (born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) started playing the lever harp at age 8. After studying different styles of music (Latin, African, Classical) she found that Celtic music moved her most. At age 9 she Kendra wrote her first song and also discovered singing. In high school she joined the choir and started taking private voice lessons when she was 18. In May 2007 she graduated with a BM in Jazz Studies and continues to write for voice and harp, influenced by the Jazz and Celtic styles. As well as writing and preforming her own material she also arranges tradittional Irish tunes.


Turn Around

Written By: Kendra van Nes

Once I went to bed and then I dreamt it.
The whole world I knew was full of love.
My imagination could invent it.
This is all that I was thinking of.

I already knew how I would plan it,
find some friends I won't do it alone.
Build a home and burn a bridge and let it
do what it would do all on its own, do what it would do all on its own.

Not ev'ry problem can be solved, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try.
If there's a way then we should work it out. We should work it out, we should work it out.

I have made my mind up and I'll do it.
I won't sit and wait for someone else.
I can make a change and if I do it, turn this love around and let it help.
Let it help, let it help!

Oh, I can work and show my love.
Or I can wait forever.

Turn this love around (3x), and let it help, let it help...

Set List

I can do set from 15 min up to an hour at a time. If I play any covers they are usually traditional Irish tunes. However, I do plays some tunes upon request.