Kendrick Porter

Kendrick Porter

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Kendrick Porter's laid back swag brings you a new sound with good music that all can enjoy.


As a youth growing up in the west end of Louisville Ky, Kendrick Porter fell in love with the poetry of the world. Throughout grade school his poetry writing would transform into a laid back flow. With a pen in one hand and the heart of the city in the other he brings both together to give you tracks such as "Yes Sir", "There For You", and "Click," just to name a few, off of his self titled E.P. With content varying from relationships, family, to club nights, the Kendrick Porter E.P. is good music you can listen to whether your at a Bar-B-Q with your family, kicking it with your girl or cooling with your buddies.


Self Titled EP release date June 23,09 with hit tracks "Yes Sir", "There For You", and "Get Loose." Streaming audio available online as well as on iTunes.

Set List

10-15 minute sets with 3-5 songs. Yes Sir, There For You,Get Loose,Break Ya Back and How Yal Doin are usually the order.