Ken Hyland

Ken Hyland


Singer-songwriting/multi-instrumentalist Ken Hyland fuses hip hop beats with indie rock, punk, and folk. Recently debuted at #12 on the FMQB singles chart and is currently charting in the top 25 albums on FMQB as well. Recently released his own version of Kid Cudi's r&b hit "Day N Nite."


In a city that's seen everything, Ken Hyland has found a way to stand out in Los Angeles. It's not so much when Hyland takes the stage with his acoustic guitar when they begin to turn their heads, but rather when they cast their eyes on his backing band - a vintage 1982 Conion C-100F - a relic from his days as a hip-hop obsessed dj.

While Hyland's east coast musical roots include hip-hop, the roots of his family tree are firmly intrenched in Irish soil and include country music superstar Eddie Rabbit. Best known for 1980's "Drivin' my Life Away," Rabbit is a cousin of Hyland's.

Hyland's latest recorded release, Self Portrait, debuted at #12 on the FMQB singles charts and remains in the top 25 albums and many best-of-2008 lists for legions of internet fans worldwide. Built on a solid foundation of folk/rock and sprinkled with a dash of hip-hop backbeat and indie rock attitude, Self Portrait is a great listen for those looking for something a bit different then the current paint-by-number Top 40 offers.

A prolific songwriter, Self Portrait is a mere drop in the bucket from the always-busy Hyland, who moved to the west coast from his South Jersey home two years ago. Hyland has recently completed two more solo albums, remixed and released three versions of his custom-made theme song for WXW wrestler "Mike Flyte," scored the music for an international commercial for a krav maga, self-defense and fitness organization (Krav Maga Worlwide), composed, performed, and produced the dramatic underscore to the independent film "A Moment in Purgatory" and is currently working on the film's soundtrack to be released in May 2009.

Biography by Terry Mullins, Thrill Magazine



Written By: Ken Hyland

Sky, grass, one by one I'll pass
on my way through this somersault
Hands, feet, forwardly I'll reach
trying to stand before I fall

So don't look down and lose your balance now
'cause it's a hard, cold ground
and it's a long way down

Arms reach in an acrobatic feat
on my way through this somersault

Off the track and can't find my way back
and my world is spinning 'round
and my world is crashing down
yes my world is spinning 'round

Sky, grass, one by one I'll pass
(once you're ready the shadows are gone)
On my way through this somersault
(and a clearing will show you, will show you a somersault)


Releases available at all major online stores/websites:
"Somersault - Single" (Rough Mix)
"Day N Nite - Single" (cover song)
"Self Portrait" (13 original songs)
"Line of Movement" (12 original songs)
"Pencil Drawings" (12 original songs)
"Framed" (12 original songs)
"California Died -Single"
"Turbulence - WWE Wrestler Theme Song - EP" (3 original songs)

Set List

Sets can vary from 20 minutes to 1.5 hrs or more. Usually performing acoustic versions of his extensive catalogue. Ken does not currently perform cover songs during his set.