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Kenichi Tamura

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo World Instrumental




"Explora su 'lado' mexicano"

El músico japonés de flamenco fusión Kenichi Tamura está de gira por México, misma que incluye una fecha en Torreón junto a la agrupación Felah Enkum.
En este tour por nuestro país, el artista de origen asiático presenta su nuevo disco, Corazones y riquezas, del cual la portada es una fotografía de la ciudad de Torreón tomada por él mismo desde el cerro del Cristo de las Noas. El Álbum está inspirado en una de sus visitas anterior al país azteca.
Esta reciente producción incluye canciones como La mañana en Torreón y El afecto de la ciudad (dedicada a Chihuahua).
Su actual gira por México tocará puntos importantes en la geografía nacional, como la Ciudad de México, Guadalajara, Torreón y Chihuahua.
El grupo lagunero Felah Enkum, conformado por Gerardo Raigoza en las percusiones y Jorge de Llano en la guitarra, acompaña a Tamura en esta nueva aventura por el territorio nacional; para ambos no es la primera vez, ya han compartido escenario anteriormente en giras por Japón y México.
La fecha de su presentación en Torreón es el miércoles 14 de septiembre en un conocido bar sobre al Paseo de la Rosita, donde los laguneros también interpretarán temas de su reciente producción discográfica, titulada The Eternal Struggle Between Light and Darkness.
Kenichi, con 47 años de edad y nacido en Tokyo , Japón, es un admirador de la cultura mexicana y recientemente dio una conferencia en el Conservatorio Nacional de Música de Bellas Artes, institución que celebra su aniversario número 150. - El Siglo de Torreón

"mélange des styles - le japon avec le flamenco"

ce mélange des styles - le japon avec le flamenco c'est unique et l'histoire qui vas avec ce titres est émouvant - Toussaint Lyondholi

"Reviews "El decisión en la tempolada de los cerezos""

Wow fantastic music here. I wish all the other songs I have heard in the past could be as good as this one. The instruments flow well together and this song is great. I loved the tempo and rhythm and overall energy I got here!

This has a good rhythm to it. I like the tempo and overall sound. I wouldnt want to sit here and listen to it for pleasure. I would need to be out around people to take this all in. Or at least watching these musicians in person. It has a nice harmony and good change in dynamics.

Bold and much like all the quitar arrangements I like. I hear the influence s of various types of music style in this song. Instruments are arranged well. I want to dance to this. It builds to crescendo. The beat is a welcomed change as well. Although no lyrics are here, I dont miss them at all. Keep up the great and fabulous work guys.

I like the way the way the artist made this song like in a Mexican type of style, which was very creative in my opinion. I think that the artist chose the best way is to keep it instrumental instead of singing along with the beat. The artist done an excellent job. I can hear a lot of different types of instruments I have probably never heard of before and I can definitely hear clapping. Great Job!

This is a amazing sounding instrumetal. I hear what sounds like Spanish guitar in this medley, and well as percussion, and some other diverse and exotic sounds/instruments. This track sounds so classy and live. The quality is just radiant. This can be used for some type of ethnic radio.

Lovely, Flamenco,guitar music. Makes you want to dance and is upbeat and cheerful.Great Rolling waves of music that keeps the tempo upbeat and lively. Good staccato and beat. I like how fast it is and the tune is positive and delightful. Nice and fast which gives you energy when you hear this.

Like the guitar in this song. The musicians all play in an accomplished manner. The tone is appealing, and the style of play is interesting, and pleasant to listen to. Overall, this is a very good track, and I can definitely see a future here.

A clap along intro which follows quiickly by accoustic guitar riffs.....Mediterranean in sound. No vocals......yet. Nope no vocals at all instrumental that'd be in its right place at a restaurant looking out at sea.

clapping at the start of the song was strange. as well when the guitar started playing it sounded like Spanish music. this was not enjoyable to listen to. there was no singing in this song either which did not help.

This is true musicianship. The acoustics are brilliant. The calypso claps are a fabulous accentuation. This has the Argentine flavor with and hint of Jazz. You can visual the dancing and the red rich colors. This is a fabulous track!

The instrumental variety of this song is rhythmically balanced, making sure that the Spanish guitar gets as much attention as it craves. The various claps in the background adds to the flavor of the song, easily becoming a salsa dancing tune. There is a low pitched guitar sound that stays in the background, but is noticed (by ear). The drums are well played, with the claps and snaps surrounding it (adding spice to the song). Overall the song is a nice mix of instruments all with their own engaging flare.

This is a unique instrumentals only piece. It has a Spaniard vibe and a Spanish vibe too. Well i mean obviously. You can hear the cultural aspects that were used and incorporated in to this song. Its really relaxing but yet it has dancy vibe to it that would make you want to get up and dance. the different elements that the producer used to make this piece were really well thought out and just breathtaking. the guitar instrumentals are my absoulte favorite. they flow so nicely with all the other instruments and percussion that were used to make this song. this paints a picture of spain in my mind, i can see villas and just beautiful spanish culture. the beat and rhythm are great and so is the melody of the song. the harmony that the guitar creates is quite beautiful. I think if the producer were to add vocals and lyrics to this song, it would ruin how fantastic the instrumentals sound so its a good thing that this song is pure instruments being used. the radio play would be difficult because the song is a different genre that radio stations do not play but i think if there was a radio station that played this type of music, this song would probably get a lot of radio play because it is beautiful and lovely to listen to. it has potential of becoming popular.

The music is dry. The beginning is too long and very drawn out. Is this a classical song with no lyrics? The music is nice. The guitars are nice and harmonize well. The tone is great and very urban. The style is nice for a restaurant or elevator.

This is a Spanish guitar piece and it starts out pretty good. The playing is decent and some interesting time changes. Where it falls apart for me is when the guitar goes terribly flat and out of tune. I'm a former session player so I know this. If you're going to record, be in tune and finish the track. It gets worse as the tack goes on. The flamenco style is good. Don't release a track if it's out of tune. The Greatful Dead got away with it, you won't. Shame cause the playing and tune is pretty good.

I feel that this song hasn't got enough instruments used within it and maybe more variety of percussion instruments could be used within the piece, I also think could be another instrument within the piece providing chords and more varied dynamics.

The melody of the song is very diverse and complex. All of the instruments are skillfully played and are in perfect time with the music. The song showcases the talent of multiple instrumentalists harmonizing perfectly together. There were no lyrics to distract from the melody and it worked quite well so. The tune had a Latin flare and it was infectious. Overall, I enjoyed the song and thought that is was executed flawlessly. I should also add that the recording quality was excellent, as well.

Really nicely played acoustic guitar on the intro of this track. I like the Spanish feel here. The intro for me though is the strong point. This is where the guitar is played best. The melody gets a little lost in the mid section. The timing seems a little out. It's a little too long so looses some of its drama. I think the song structure should be altered to spend more time with the simple acoustic guitar at the start, slowly build the drama then go out on a high. Overall, the lead guitar is played with skill and has a lovely tune but for me this tune for me peaks too early.

Nice use of instruments, but that is about it. Everything else was boring and it just dragged on too long. Lyrics would of been nice along with some vocals. Nothing changed throughout the whole song. If there were going to be no vocals and lyrics, then at least there could of been a little more variety within the music.

The instrumental have some delightful mixture of beats into it, ranging from guitar, to the chimes and the drums that all synchronizes well with one another, but that's just it, there are no variety to it afterward, it just becomes a bit more bland because the same usual beats. The creator of the instrumental have an appealing imagination, but I feel needs to be a bit more creative with the different mashed up beats.

I like the unusual intro to the song. Its draws you and make you want to know who is singing. It sounds like an Santana song at first. Its a beautiful song and it shows the artist skill in playing the guitar. I could imagine some nice vocals over it.

The introduction sounded like hand clapping until the claps were joined by a Spanish flamenco style guitar. It was an unusual combination, but the intro was a bit long given the somewhat overwhelming sound of non-stop clapping. The tune would be more melodic and enjoyable without the harsh clapping sounds. The expert guitar playing was lovely and a treat for the ears. It would be nice to hear the song without the claps. There were no vocals and therefore no lyrics. It can be difficult for an instrumental song to have commercial appeal, and I don't think this instrumental was quite right for the radio.

This song starts out with a clicking or clapping beat and then a guitar comes in playing a very beautiful piece. This rhythm is carried through out the entire song. This creates a very upbeat and fun song. You get a strong feeling of culture when you listen to this song. There is a rich atmospheric aspect to this song. The artists playing the instruments are very creative. They have a set of skills that is hard to find in many music artists. They can take there instruments and create a song that opens up a world of sound. This song was done very professionally and it shows through the strength of this song. I would highly recommend this band to other people.

The beginning of the song is cool as u added claps, and i like the way the song after a while changes to a different beat! It sounds like a Mexican song. I can hear some of the instruments being played and as a whole it sounds really cool, it would be a really good song for people who enjoy this kind of music! Maybe you could have added some lyrics into this song, so people can sing along and maybe enjoy the music a bit more! Good job and keep it up!!

excellet spanish / gypsy guitar . this music is designed to bring out on a journey or adventure . excellent guitar work . amazing presence in the track . very upbeat and very hard not to like piece of music .
I am really feeling the music and the clapping. The music alone tells a story in it's self. It has the plot the drama the celebration and what sounds like a happy ending. I think this has allot of potential. Very well put together. I love it.

Very entertaining instrumental. I'd assume this is latin American or Spanish music. I imagine someone doing the tango to this song. I believe this is a romantic instrumental, as in a couple dancing on a dancefloor. I'm not aware of instrumentals being hits but I'd definitely buy this track I like it. I think it was crafted with creativity and skill. I would listen to it twice.
very intricate and played well. love the guitar work at the beginning. it is clear that the guitarist knows how to play very advanced. the dynamics are sound in the quietness in the verses then louder in the chorus. sometimes the base guitar can be distracting since it is louder in some parts.
The tone is too bland. Dislike the melody of this song however the choice of instruments seem to be right. Just not what I would listen to. Needs more upbeat. It doesn't have a change keeps same pace and same mood.

Very catchy tune. Like the guitar intro. Has a very ethnic feel that makes you want to stand up and dance around. Strong guitar lead is very impressive. Harmony with the background clapping and instruments are very well done.
The spanish flair is truly inviting. I love the guitar or either banjo in the background. The rhythm is definitely inviting and something that you could listen to while relaxing or over and evening dinner. I found this piece to be very rhythmatical and rich in sound. The beat was also very good as well.
The guitar is skilfully played, it has a very latin kind of sound to it and the rhythm of the song only enhances this. It's pleasant to listen to, but I think in order to become commercially appealing it needs some singing to be present to really help the song get into the charts. The guitar is nice though.
This track started off well. It had a nice sound and a good arrangement, but I was left wanting more. I should be engaged in the sounds the artist has created, not sitting here wondering if something new and exciting is going to happen. I think that this track needs more elements and may be additional instrumental accompaniment.

The finger picking guiar flows quite nicely,its the clarity of tone that makes this soudn quite appealing.The mix suddenly hits a rut though as the drum mix tries to blend with this spanish styled guitar piece.The clumsyness of rhythm isn't helping this tune to sound as once.The struggle between the melodic guitar feature and the drums makes the whole mix sound like a battle ,not very pleasing once the percussion is added.

there is so much in this song that is so pleasing. there is a simpicity in this that is so reflective. the instrumentals in this have a very compelling sound to them. there is a sensual feel in the music. te tempo, and the quality are absorbing and connect t this osng. there is a very full range that is in depth to this osng
The intro has caught my imagination real quick. This is a solid beat by far. The concept of the song is very good. The artist seems like they would be somewhere from a desert type of place, that's what this song sounds like to me. There is no vocals or lyrics so i can not rate them but as far as the song it is balanced and exciting.

Clapped percussion and latinate acoustics form this pretty classically oriented tune. Feels a bit like gypsy flamenco music but with modern digital beats to me. The players are well versed in their minor melodies and the bass player is a hidden asset in the song. Tends to drag in a monochromic manner towards the end and needs a mood or dynamic change to really catch fire. The end result is pretty nice mood music.
The intro is quite weird in this song at first, but the acoustic guitar and the melody it brings into the experience totally makes sense. The suddenly changing concept seems to take and absolutely rhythmic and engaging shape, building up the impression from a simple rhythm to a full and rich line up. The fact that we have no vocals in this song makes no difference, even with the missing lyrics and vocal impressions, the engaging and stylish guitar play gives enough for the audience to find this track memorable. I wouldn't say that a vocal couldn't make it more interesting and varied, but it's original and exciting, so it's up to the audience if they miss those or not.

This song starts out with some hand-claps on it and the string instrument sounds come in with a lot of Latin flavor in the rhythm. The beat sounds naturally acoustic and the beat is pleasant with good ebbs and flows to the technical rhythm. The track has no vocals or lyrics on it, so its an instrumental and the vibe of this track is good to me. The track to me will be good for certain scores in a movie or series.

This has quite a Spanish feel to it, I can imagine doing the Salsa to this. I can actually imagine this would be quite an intense dance when doing the salsa, looking into your partner eyes. It has a nice arrangement, a kind of stop start rhythm which I think would fit a salsa dance quite well.

A great selection of music and sounds. I can see this being a song that will be popular on jazz stations. The music keeps your attention and makes you want to dance. It has an European sound as if it was recorded live.

The clapping in this song grabbed my attention in the entrance of this song. I like the latin feel I get when listening to the acoustic guitar. I love the build up in the instrumentals to this song. I want to start dancing some tango or something. This song just makes you want to get up from your seat and just dance.
Fabulouse tune, fantastic base, cool drums. I love piano,vocals soft and and emotional. The symthany was loving and gental. The lyricals played and composed well will the mixture of the entire song. The song symbol end hope and strength and i like the sound of the voice.

At the beginning of this tune, I highly enjoy the strings of the guitar. You have a gift that is lovely and I enjoy the melody line that you have created. Then, the tempo that has been set is nice and I like the change of melody as the song becomes more intense in nature and quality. You have done a good job of creating emotion as you play the guitar. I also enjoy the percussion as it has been set. However, it might be nice to try a simple brush on the drums after the first verse and chorus on the tune. I enjoy this song and I believe you will have a lot of radio play.

nice hand claps love it . now thats a music sound best played at good rytmic and tune are okey. simple but nice salsa steps low kind of guitar played at the end very good. best of guitar solo played . overall rate is 9 great

A skillful acoustic guitar leads us through the intro to this song. It is very well played, and has a great sound to it. It has a nice Latin flare to it, and just generally sounds very nice. The verses flow nicely, and the tempo keeps the song from feeling too samey. Although there's no vocalist it isn't to the detriment of the song; as it is all played out so nicely. The minimalistic approach to the instrumentals, guitar not included, works well. The bass sounds great in combination with the guitar melody. Overall, a nice song, with a lot of passion to it, even though there is no vocalist.

This has a great mix of music. A great song for the jazz stations. I can see this song doing well. It has an interesting sound with a popular appeal. A sound that has a professionally recorded high quality sound. It has an up beat tempo that makes you want to dance. A song that maintains your interest.

brilliant, love the energetic start makes me think of being on holiday in a bar, or pub great entertainment for the viewers or listeners in this case, would give anyone advice for a listen due to the peaceful melody

Positives: - One positive aspect of this song is that the guitar sounds good in this, it fits in well and the guitar player is obviously skilled. - Another positive is that there is multiple instruments that are played during the song meaning that it has been welly constructed in order to make each instrument fit in well -Clapping was also one of the sounds that was happening throughout the song, this is a positive as when in front of a large audience, the audience may feel as though they can join in with the clapping as not everyone will be able to play the guitar, bass guitar, drums etc. but everyone can clap Negatives: - The negatives of this is that there didnt seem to be much rhythm behind the song. - There was also no lyrics so it was difficult to understand if there was a story behind the music. Overall: Overall i though this song was ok. The instrument players are obviously talented but there was no lyrics. The rhythm of the song also seemed to be quite messy. 6/10
i hear a good beat. its sounding like its italian. i like it....good melody no singing as of yet but im sure its coming because whats a song without a vocalists lol now its been changed to mexican music. im just confused. strait confused 5/10

An interesting mix of genres and styles, using a beat box along with a spanish guitar intro. The two compliment each other and don't overpower, so the mixing was well thought out. Sometimes, it can be difficult to join together two styles of music, but this really works. It puts me in mind of Santana and while instrumentals usually don't fare well on the charts, this very well could make the top 100. The lead guitarist is very good, tight in his fingering and there is no noticeable mistakes. The way that the guitarist changes beats but continues to stay with the drums is quite remarkable. This is an instrumental that you would actually remember and should get some radio airplay. The break towards the end really sets the song apart from other mariachi type of musical performances. It also sounds like the guitarist is having some fun. - Crowd Reviews - ReverbNation


Signo de los tiempos : 2017.3.6 released. This time he tried to make the Urban Flamenco sound that has many tastes from Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock and more. The album concept is that "what’s going on in the world", then the title of each song means those things. And this sound is mixed from many genres of the world, because we are connecting with many culture of the world, and he think the importance of respecting each other.

Corazones y Riquezas
The long-awaited second album. This time, to build a sound by the full band organization, has become more flamenco fusion sound. At Track 5 you can hear the co-star of the "Felah - Enkum Project" that Mexican flamenco progressive group.

El Decisin en la Temporada de los Cerezos
Japanese big earthquake met three years ago. Many people were killed by the tsunami. Still some people can not use, for the accident of nuclear power plant. This is like hell ... But the victims decided their lives, and stay alive with courage. One day, I saw a television program, and heard an interview with a farmer. I thought he had a desperate fate, but said "I start from the beginning of agriculture in this country, because this land is my hometown" with a smile. When I hear it, I was very impressed by the strength of his mind. So this song is dedicated to him. 

Note : Correct is "Su decisin en la temporada de los cerezos". But I want to express that he decided his life with the force of his mind, so that's title became a literary expression.

This album have lyrical work collection, and that is fusion with the Flamenco rhythm (compass), the Rock riff, melody of traditional Japanese.



Kenichi Tamura is a composer, artist and guitarist. He was born in Tokyo, Japan. His songs are instrumental music. Them has the beat of Flamenco style on basic and there are some spice of other genres (Rock, Jazz, J-pop, Latin... etc). Then this style can be said "Urban Flamenco". Especially he has many followers in Mexico via internet radio, then already he completed 3 tours in Mexico for promotion of his album. One of local media said that “Siendo un apasionado de la cultura mexicana, Kenichi contiene un repertorio de música en español inspirado en sus anteriores visitas por México. (The Trend, Torreon, Mexico)”. Now he is doing negotiation with mexican agency to distribute of his album physical.Originally, he is interested in making new styles that nobody has done. However it is difficult to accept it by Japanese people who likes classic style. So he was looking for the opportunities to promote it at other country, then he has accumulated small achievements little by little.

2012.10    1st album “Ayaorimoyo” release.
2013.09    Participate “Kansai Music Conference (Japan)”, then to be interacted with latin musicians.
2014.03    1st Mexico tour. (2 places)
2014.08    Contract with “SRL Networks London (U.K)” a compilation license of digital distribution.
2014.11    Invited to “youbloom@LA”, and played at Worl Music Concert.
2015.04    2nd Mexico tour. (3 places)
2015.12    2ns album “Corazones y Riquezas” release.
2016.08    Contract with “Liva Music (Switzerland)” a sync license and master license.
2016.09    3rd Mexico tour. (4 places)
2016.10    "El Afecto de la Ciudad" was nominated by "The 15th Independent music awards”.
2017.03    3rd album "Signo de los tiempos" release.
2017.04    "El camino a través del desierto" was selected to a Playlist called "Flamenco Pa Ti" by Spotify.

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