Keni Myles

Keni Myles


Talent, longevity, experience, wide-ranging appeal, entertainment skills, and style – Keni Myles is more than R&B at its best. Keni Myles is music at its best.


There is nothing new about Rhythm & Blues music regardless of how many fun descriptions we can conjure up (i.e. neo-soul, urban-soul, and urban-alternative). How many ways can one say “I Love You Deeper than…” or “We Should Have Sex”? Be honest, the only difference in today’s R&B is the packaging (alternative style) and the show (the expression). Speaking of, let’s talk about Keni Myles. We like him!

Indianapolis must grow Artist/Crooners in a field somewhere. Haven’t most of us seen the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of our favorite entertainers where they began singing at an early age (Keni at age 5) - in church and city wide tournaments. And they’re all from Detroit, Ohio, Philadelphia or INDIANA?

An alumnus of Kentucky State University, majoring in voice and music education, Keni has left himself no alternative except to succeed, specifically in the field of music. It is not always necessary that artist have a music education, but sometimes the difference is obvious. In Keni’s case-VERY obvious. Armed with faith and an un-relenting desire to become a career entertainer, Keni knew Los Angeles was the next move.

Indiana must have called Los Angeles to make room for Keni’s arrival because he hit the ground running. Keni joined the male singing group 20/20 and began a recording agreement for DreamWorks. The group ‘opened for’ and performed with International superstars such as Stevie Wonder and Yolanda Adams. Also realizing the importance of expressive performance, Keni decided that ‘Stage Presence’ could be the difference between him and many other performers. Keni then began the next phase of his Artistic development-Theater. Keni immediately landed feature roles in the plays Lord There’s a Stranger in My House, where he plays the famous Beula Johnson, “Love Games”, and “Make Mine 3, 6, 9”, where he further exemplified TRUE artistry – singing, dancing and acting.

The secret is out, and the word is starting to spread. Within the last 6 months Keni has performed with such notables as The Nappy Roots, Twista, Christina Aguilera, Ali Woodson (former lead of the Temptation), Vanessa Bell Armstrong and Keith Washington. Also Keni was featured artist on shows like “Jay Leno,” “Ellen,” “Sharon Osborne,” “Orlando Jones” and “The Craig Killbourne Show”. As exceptional ability does, ‘the crème always rises to the top…and often sits alone.’ It is now time for Keni Myles to embark upon his long awaited solo music career. You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m definitely a KENI MYLES fan.

Paula Whittle
United Imperial Entertainment
(404) 484-7594


Self-titled debut album "Keni Myles" - Coming Summer 2005

Other Credits:
Two Can Play That Game
Austin Powers
Nutty Professor 2

The Parkers
The Practice

Set List

This R&B singing sensation will set the ambiance with live shows that showcase his embracing sounds. The show is ideal for keeping a diverse audience entertained from 30 minutes to an hour, indoors or outside. Keni Myles is available as a solo act or with a band.

Original Songs:
Last Night
After Party