Ken j. Martin

Ken j. Martin


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Ken j. Martin’s Bio

With the acclaim of his first album, 3 years 8 days, Ken j. Martin has established his rightful role in Atlanta's soul movement. Hailing from Atlanta's 4th Ward neighborhood, Ken j. fuses his acoustic melodies effortlessly with his sultry vocals. He's been featured on BET's Lyric Cafe and other notable venues across the United States.

His latest album, Ken j. and Friends, is a live recording where he is accompanied by several other rising soul artists. With his unmovable faith and the guitar he calls freedom, Ken j. has grown into a musical phenomena.

Ken j.’s notable lyrics range from heartfelt love ballads to revolutionary anthems evoking memories of music legends Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley. In an industry of superficial love, Ken j. captures audiences by composing songs that identify blissfully indescribable feelings. His caviar voice and guy next door personality melts hearts and enamors listeners. Whether expressing the innocence of new love or highlighting the ills of societal confines, the world consciousness and emotional harmonies woven into his songs make his performances an experience.

Ascending towards international regard for his vocal flair and songwriting prowess, Ken j. is the next male sensation. Maintaining his entrepreneurial savvy through creative business ventures, he hosts The Rent Show, a monthly artist showcase and Ken j. and Friends, an annual fundraising event aimed at creating seasonal plays featuring bands and artists in the Atlanta area. His ultimate objective is to be a great writer and composer so that he can develop an Outreach Program for Youth. Whether original or cover Ken j. is bound to send the crowd into a frenzy.

In constant inspiration from life, Ken j. has began work on his third album. After numerous television appearances, collaborations and being on the road, he patiently awaits the opportunity to share feelings of peace, love and inspiration. On this upcoming release, he will not only display his growth, but will present a platform for a new stage in acoustic soul music.


CD The Rent Show Released Feb 2009
CD Ken j. Live and Friends Released Jan 2008
CD 3 years 8 Days Released March 2006
CD Nesslee Working Man 2008
CD Smitty Jay Grown Man’s Blues 2008

Set List

3 years 8 days
How Can I love
Wash Me Away
Tears of A Son
and many many more

Bob Marley
Bob Dylan
Norah Jones
John Legend
Lauryn Hill

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