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"Ken Jameson sounds like a regular guy that happens to have extraordinary talents..."

Ken Jameson is not in this business to monkey around. The cover of his new CD It's Your Life may imply that but it is simply not the case.

Jameson makes his way through fourteen tracks, some lighthearted and others more serious, that are full of rock-pop melodies and rhythms furnished by his keyboard and vocal talents. He plays piano, the Hammond B3, and a Rhodes to get all of the sounds to merge within each composition. His lyrics fit nicely between the music he creates with the combination of keyboards, programming, and help from various capable musicians that play guitar, bass, percussion, and saxophone. This mix of various instruments coupled with Jameson's pleasant vocal style makes for an enjoyable CD with a nice variety of styles, from the upbeat rock-pop opener "It's Your Life" to the bluesy and funky "One More Thing."

The other factor besides good music is lyrics that make sense. They are simple and direct, and what do you know, you can actually understand what he is singing! This is actually a rarity these days, as I am sure you have noticed if you listen to as many types of music as I do. Jameson is a serious musician that looks at the lighter side of every day domestic life like on the songs "Minivan," which is a humorous take on a guy with a family looking for past freedoms that are long gone. He knows someday he will have his own car again and the ability to jump in and go for cruise will be easy and without worry when the kids are all grown and on their own. Anyone with kids can understand this viewpoint, but then again when you listen to "My Son," it becomes obvious just how important family is. Then there are the warm heartrending songs like "She's My Lady" and "I'll Give It To You." These tracks are pleasing in a musical sense but also hit the soft spot in your heart just right.

Ken Jameson sounds like a regular guy that happens to have extraordinary talents illustrated quite well on this CD. This was a lot of fun to listen to and I enjoyed all the aspects that made it what it is.
© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck - June 26, 2006 - Muliple Online Publications


It's Your Life - LP
Jesus Loves You - Single



Ken Jameson's music is a fusion of all of the great music he has been exposed to throughout his life. He unites his serious keyboard prowess, poetic lyrics, and innovative use of harmony to create a unique and exciting new sound.

Ken Jameson is a pianist, singer/songwriter and producer from Miami, FL. He has spent many years playing everything from jazz to reggae. Ken's years of performing in South Florida, and as a graduate of the University of Miami, FL, School of Music, made him one of the most sought after keyboard players in South Florida. Now he is turning all of his talent and energy on his own music.

After moving to New Orleans, LA in 2002, Ken was captivated by The Big Easy and its vibrant music community. Inspired by the incredible musicians he was fortunate enough to play with; he began to record his own music. "It's Your Life" was recorded with some of the best musicians New Orleans has. The CD had just been sent out for pressing, days before Ken decided to leave his home, and get his family to safety, from the impending hurricane. Days later, with his neighborhood, Lakeview, underwater and no home to return to, Ken took his family back to their home state of Florida and is launching his singer/songwriting career form there.

Ken's CD, “It’s Your Life”, reflects his versatility as a musician. In addition to doing all of the producing, writing, singing, programming, and keyboards on his album, he also wrote all of the horn arrangements.

"It's Your Life" is a compilation of all his years of living, traveling and writing. Each song reflects events that have happened in Ken's life. It is an auto-biographical journey through heart breaks and triumphs; from the loneliness of a musician's life to the joy of marriage and fatherhood.

From the rocking feel of the title track, "It's Your Life"; to the futuristic sound of "Infinity"; to the Brazilian flavored, "It's Out There"; and the burning bluesy sound of, "One More Thing", this album is packed with a multitude of styles that blend harmoniously to create a fresh sound. Only Ken Jameson can impart such a unique approach to songwriting.

You can hear all of the tracks, and view all the lyrics, from "It's Your Life" at


"It's Your Life", 2005, Boskorama Records
"From the Lone Star, to the Gulf Coast", 2006, Rabadash Records (Track "Down In New Orleans" donated to benefit Tipitina's Hurricane Katrina Musicians Relief Fund)
Jesus Loves You - Single