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" Kenji Williams Interview clip"

"A Visual Music Composer" -

"Mushroom Faces of Epiphany Review"

"I have heard nothing comparable. An Outstanding release and timeless classic." - Mushroom Magazine (Germany)

"Worldspirit A/V Revolution review"

"Kenji Williams is a name to remember" - Audio Video Revolution magazine

"Worldspirit Review by Ken Wilber"

"A beautiful, brilliant, exhilarating multimedia presentation of sacred art and music. Dazzling from beginning to end, and deeply moving throughout. Highly recommended!" - Ken Wilber - A Brief History of Everything

"Jonah Sharp Review"

"Wicked, Evocative" - Jonah Sharp/Spacetime Continuum, Reflective Records

"Emusic EPIC album Review"

"This is one solid piece of digital craftsmanship" - Emusic

"Alex Grey Review"

"Kenji Williams - A HIGH CALIBER ARTIST" - Alex Grey - Sacred Mirrors

"Harmony Channel Review"

"Kenji Williams is a composer, violinist artist and videographer on the cutting edge of new media." - Harmony

"Bedrock CD review"

"Kenji Williams' "Illusion," is the crowning jewel of the first John Digweed Bedrock disc" - Pitchfork

"Kenji Williams Live reviewed by Red Bull"

"The Next Level of Dance Music" - Kurt Sonderigger Red Bull North America


Full Releases:
1998 Illusion EP(Vinyl album) (Fungus Productions )
2000 Tektonik EP(Vinyl album) (Fungus Productions )
2003 Epic (CDalbum) (ABA Structure)
2004 WORLDSPIRIT (DVD/CD Digipack) (Magnetic Presence)
2006 Faces Of Epiphany (CDalbum) (Vision Quest, ABA Structure)

Tracks from these releases are netcast on internet radio, and traditional FM radio such as NPR 'echoes' radio show.
The latest full length album “Faces of Epiphany” has a feature track “Death & Rain” music video rated #1 on Harmony Channel TV in 9 million homes. 4 other music videos from "Faces of Epiphany" and Worldspirit" are to be aired this fall 2006 on Harmony Channel TV.


1996 Melt CD Compilation (Club/Virgin USA)
1999 John Digweed - Bedrock CD Compilation, (Bedrock, UK)
2000 Life CD Compilation (Freestyle/Flying Rhino UK)
2001 Live in Germany CD Compilation (Freestyle/Flying Rhino UK)
2001 "Eclipse-Sheperds warning"CD Compilatio (Flying Rhino UK)
2002 DVD-Morrocco-Hideaki Ito (KODANSHA - Japan)
2002 Vision Quest Gathering 2002DVD (Vision Quest - Japan)
2003 DVD-Ceiba-Visitation DVD compilation (Ceiba Records)
2003 Medicine Drum "Original Face" CD Album (Cyber Octave/Virgin)
2003 13th Moon CD Compilation (Interchill, Canada)
2004 Best of VisionQuest CD Compilation (Vision Quest - Japan)
2005 Spotworks DVD compilation (Spotworks, USA)
2004 Earthdance DVD/CD compilation (Sanctuary Group, USA)
2005 Research for Celestial Sound CD compilation (Starcia Record, Japan)
2006 Pitch Black CD Compilation (Wakyo, Japan)
2006 Harmony Channel USA TV Broadcast (Harmony Intermedia, USA)



Creative Director and Composer, Kenji Williams is an award winning filmmaker, music producer, and classically-trained violinist. A world bridger of music, visual arts, science and philosophy, Williams has collaborated with international DJ John Digweed, evolutionary philosopher Ken Wilber, world famous painter Alex Grey, the Gates Planetarium Dome Theater (Denver Museum of Nature and Science), and is exposing his solo work from big music festivals around the world, to mainstream television, film soundtracks, to institutions such as NASA. In addition to public and critical acclaim, Pioneer, Panasonic, and Sony corporations have sponsored Williams with technology to support his artistic vision.
Combining unique skills in film and music, Williams has earned international film awards from the CSC to Sundance, exhibited work at the Smithsonian Institute, garnered speaking invitations around the world, and is one of the handful of selected artists actively sharing art, ideas, and visions with other featured guests from Deepak Chopra to Larry Wachowski (The Matrix) with the Integral Institute. Williams has been featured in the media from European publications and BBC radio, to mainstream Japanese press, to NPR, Tricycle, XM Radio, AV Revolution, XLR8R, and Composer and producer of 6 music albums, Director of 15 films and music videos, 3 feature length projects, and 2 multimedia theatrical live shows, Kenji Williams is respected as pushing the boundaries of audio visual art and performance.

Tracking Kenji's multimedia career, from classical violin training since the age of 7, early influences in Detroit and European ambient & techno, a BFA in Film Production, 2 years touring with Dub Hip Hop Reggae bands, 4 years touring with trance group Medicine Drum, while simultaneously producing and directing films and music videos for 10 years, the combination of ingredients that make Williams' art fuse into an exotic and tantalizing audio visual experience.