Ken Layne and the Corvids

Ken Layne and the Corvids


Twangy rock 'n roll meets the honky tonk with the rich, whisky-soaked voice & instantly memorable songs of Ken Layne.


"A very good set of the kind of pure rock 'n' roll hardly anyone plays anymore." That's how North County Times critic Jim Trageser described Fought Down, the debut album by Ken Layne & the Corvids.

In the 12 short weeks since Web-only indie label Scrub Jay Records released Fought Down, sales have been racking up at Amazon (where the CD climbed as high as #400 in sales rank; remarkable for a new label's new release from a new band),, the Web site and Americana tastemaker -- where Layne's CD has been a top seller for two months. Catamount Records chose a track for its "Hot Unsung Americana Compilation," released at the Folk Alliance & SXSW conventions. Meanwhile, freethinking deejays in Dallas, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Reno have been featuring the disc on some of the nation's best "alt country" programs -- Jack Sparks, of WMGT's "The Other Side of Country" show and the Minneapolis City Pages, has played tracks from Fought Down an extraordinary six weeks in a row.

As the "pre release" rolls along, Ken Layne & the Corvids started touring California and will soon embark on a Pacific Northwest run, followed by a summer U.S. jaunt, to coincide with national retail distribution and a sustained radio / press campaign. The San Diego Reader, CityBeat, North County Times and Santa Monica Mirror were the first newspapers to do stories on Layne & Co., while scores of online publications have heaped praise on the CD. Display ads are appearing in No Depression, Paste and Harp magazines.

Ken Layne once made his living as leader of The Outriders, part of the legendary 1980's SoCal "roots rock" scene that introduced the likes of the Beat Farmers and Mojo Nixon. After making an album for Austin's Wrestler Records, Layne quit "professional music" at age 22 and began a life of international intrigue that took him to Eastern Europe, Australia, the Balkans, his hometown of New Orleans and further such seedy locales, writing journalism and other lies (including the acclaimed Aussie thriller "Dot Con"). In late 2003, he assembled The Corvids and recorded Fought Down. Listeners are calling Layne's CD Luxurious and nocturnal electrified country rock (Kate Sullivan), A helluva CD (, and Dinosaur Jr. busting into a Drive-By Truckers show (an reviewer).


"Fought Down," Ken Layne and the Corvids
Scrub Jay Records 2004

"Analog Bootlegs," Ken Layne
Scrub Jay Records 2003

"The Outriders," The Outriders
Bandit Records, 1987

Set List

Currently touring the songs off "Fought Down," the Corvids' debut CD. There are a few cover songs in each set, ranging from rock to old country to who knows. Can do a short "showcase" set of 45 minutes, but prefer a "headliner" set of 1 hour to 90 minutes.