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"Off the Ice, Macy's still super cool By Bobby Hankinson"

July 2007-

SOLO - Ken Macy
Off the Ice, Macy's still super cool
By Bobby Hankinson

Music has many places in our lives ~ blasting in the car with the windows down, blaring out of speakers while our heads bang, and providing a soundtrack to a night at the pub. Before Westminster's Ken Macy was singing and strumming some of those tunes, he was skating and shooting on the rink.

He started out life aiming for a career as a pro hockey player. Music ~ including AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" ~ was always there to pump him up before games, but it wasn't until a guitar in a store window caught his eye that "…music just took over," he said. "I got more and more into music and it became my first love."

If he took an unconventional path from athletic competition to artistic expression, his influences are just as unique. He cites James Brown, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Stevie Wonder, Black Sabbath, Stone Temple Pilots, and the Allman Brothers Band as some of the artists that impacted his sound. The result is a satisfying cocktail of rock, blues, funk, and country. Macy aptly describes his sound as "a little bit of everything."

That's also what fans can expect at his shows. "I never play the same set list twice," he said. "I mix it up and go with what the crowd likes." In addition to his own material, he sprinkles in pieces by Johnny Cash and even Gnarls Barkley.

How do Macy's diverse performances fit in with most of the hard-rocking bands in town? Just fine, he says. He's even played on the same bill with metal bands and says the shows go smoothly because of a mutual respect between artists. The crowd doesn't seem to mind either. "People are pleased to see something different, there was a cool variety of different things there that made it stand out more," he said. "One time this head-banging metal dude told me he'd never seen someone rock acoustic so hard."

He's excited to bring his one-man show to Worcester July 7 at Blackstone Tap. "Out of all the places I've played, Worcester's just so fun," he said. "It's not like when you go into Boston ~ it's got its own unique feel to it."

Macy said he'd like to eventually put together a band to take some of his more fleshed-out tunes live. 'Til then, check out Ken doing his solo thing and head over to for more info and upcoming dates.
- Pulse Magazine Worcester

"Entertainment June 22, 2007"

The City Scene
On top of spaghetti, unplugged

I know it's hard to believe with a chicken Florentine to die for on the menu, but there is more to Lidio's Restaurant and Lounge than meets the stomach.

Known in Leominster for over 10 years for preparing excellent Italian food in a family-friendly atmosphere, Lidio's also serves up a side of musical magic every Thursday and Friday night during its "Acoustics Under the Stars" summer series.

From experience, there's nothing like a full stomach, a nice glass of wine and a smattering of blues to make an evening perfect. Sitting literally under the stars on the Lidio's patio, diners can watch the best of the best in local entertainment from 6 to 10 p.m. two nights a week. And it's a great variety of music as well.

Local music legend Johnny Girouard is one of the best blues/rockabilly/ country performers anyone could ever ask for, right in our own backyards. Known both for his solo work and performances with The Darlings, Girouard incorporates the guitar, banjo and harmonica in his


Local artist Ken Macy mixes rock, blues and funk into his original music, playing with the attitude that "music is life." Having produced two solo CDs, "Beginnings" and "What If

Johnny Girouard is under the stars at Lidio's this summer.

…" Macy's ballads and originals

are not to be missed. Lee Villeneuve, when not performing with singer/guitarist Kevin Walsh and singer/bassist/guitarist Dave Gaudet in Shot in the Dark, plays amazing original acoustic pieces all over the area including Lidio's. Her music reflects a potpourri of influences and gives listeners a taste of everything from pop to country.

In July and August, many of these artists reappear for more performances, so if you miss one show you'll have more than one chance to catch them. If you miss their June 28 performance, you can also try catching the acoustic duo The BaysicS on July 26. The BaysicS are an acoustic duo formed by Sean Fullerton and Adam Fullerton, two brothers from Dover. The Fullerton brothers have been entertaining audiences for over 10 years throughout Massachusetts with their classic, contemporary, folk, blues and '80s cover songs, as well as original compositions.

Another "Under the Stars" staple, solo acoustic artist Chris Reddy, will be performing July 27 at Lidio's. Reddy performs original and cover material in acoustic performances around New England. Utilizing loop station technology and a gift for going deep in the playlist, his performances offer a new direction in solo performance.

All of these artists can be found online on their various band sites and more information - including a full performance schedule for the "Under the Stars" series and links to these sites - can be found at www.

Support local artists and support yummy food, I promise you won't regret it.

- Leominster Champion

"CD Review: Ken Macy Sept. 2008"

Ken Macy – Three
By Mary Ouellette

Central MA based singer/songwriter Ken Macy returns with his new EP, proving the old adage that good things do indeed come in threes.

Three, his new five-song EP, is the perfect blend of 70s infused rock and modern day blues and is capped off perfectly by Macy's soulful vocals. With so much talent, it may be surprising to learn that he's only in his twenties. In a time when the music industry is saturated with pretenders and wannabes, Macy's sound stands strong and it's evident that he's not trying to emulate anyone but himself. His identity shines throughout the EP as each song takes on a life of its own. Each one offers up something a little different while maintaining the Macy magic.

Macy chose the path of a solo artist to focus on writing great songs.

"I wanted to keep writing more and bettering my songwriting craft," he said.

The songs on his Three EP are proof positive of his efforts.

"The most important element in writing a song is being able to relate with yourself and your audience," said Macy. "If you write about something that's not true to you or that doesn't really relate to you, it's difficult to relate that idea to your audience and have them buy into it. I feel that your most honest work is your best work."

It's that raw honesty that leads the way through the five songs on the EP. Lyrically, the songs take the listener on a magical ride from basic love song ("Let it Shine" ) to the trials and tribulations of being in a relationship ("Out Of My Life") and the dreaded breakup song ("Talking In My Sleep"). A virtual mirror of Macy's soul, this trio of songs is heartfelt and catchy from start to finish.

Although the EP starts out as a soul-searching mission from love found to love lost, it ends with a bang with the last two tracks. Arguably the best tune of the bunch is "Queen Bee." It's a very upbeat song with a beautiful saxophone arrangement that tells about the virtues of a strong woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Let's face it, what's not to like about that? The EP ends on one of its highest notes with the song "Brand New Day," a bluesy-based mellow song in which Macy reflects on life as a whole.

"I wrote this one reflecting how I feel about life ~ look ahead, enjoy every day and make the most of what you have," he said. "It's about leaving the past behind you and looking forward to the future."

So what does the future hold for Ken Macy? His personal aim is to "keep on doing what I'm doing ~ writing songs people enjoy, making the music I love and to put on the best live show I can."

It's hard to argue with that. Great songwriters are a dying breed. But with talent like Ken Macy, there's great hope for the future.

With a healthy touring schedule that spans throughout Central, MA, be sure to catch Ken Macy live at one of his upcoming performances and pick up a copy of his new EP! You can check out all of his upcoming dates and more info about Ken on his MySpace page at or visit to purchase the Three EP online.
- Pulse Magazine 2008

"Review of "Three" EP Belgium August 2008"

Rootstime Radio Review-Belgium August 2008

Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Ken Macy from Westminster MA USA has two full cd's to his name:" Beginnings" in 2002 and "What If... in 2006". Now two years later there is the new CD, that is titled "Three". No full CD however this time but consisting an E. P. of five songs. His music is a mix of different styles, going by rock over funk to blues, with a proper and strong voice. Ken recently won two Worcester Music Awards, "Best album 2008", For his previous CD release "What If..." and "Best Blues/R&B act 2008"".

How does he sound? Hes a cross between Tom Petty, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bob Dylan, Allman Brothers, Black Crowes, James Brown & Van Morrison.

Here is my breakdown of the EP. "Let it Shine" opens sturdy, a number that comes close to Black Crowes and in the neighborhood of the Rolling Stones with a nice riff and a slide guitar solo in the middle. "Out Or My Life" is a controlled slow song, with a bluesy song line, a real beautiful song! "Talking In My Sleep" is similar in style, but is by far my favorite, a song with a strong hook, beautiful guitar work and with a lovely vocal arrangement. The light funky "Queen Bee" with the saxophone of Dave Kurdzionak brings a fun/upbeat dance rhythm to it, while "Brand New Day", a ballad with modest guitar contribution. It has the influence of a slow Hendrix song, similar to "Wind Cries Mary" or "Burning The Midnight Lamp ".

With E.P.'s in general , I do no care for them that much; they seem incomplete, but what Ken Macy did with these "Three" songs here it seems more complete then most E.P's I hear. A full CD of this caliber and we are totally satisfied!

(RON- Rootstime Belgium August 2008)
- Roots Time Radio Belgium

"Radio Indy CD Review"Three" August 2008"

Radio Indy CD review of "Three"

"Three" is a soulful blues-rock EP from talented multi-instrumentalist Ken Macy. Macy lays down the vocals and all of the guitar work on this EP and with the assistance of Kevin Haverty on drums, he has crafted some great blues-rock tracks. His pitch is that of a tenor, making for a unique and memorable vocal performance, though the soulfulness of his voice and the content of his songs are similar to Eric Clapton's style of blues.

"Three" is filled with tender harmonies and songs about love and heartbreak, dreams and drinking. This EP was also self-produced by Macy, giving him the final say-so on the overall sound. The result is something to take pride in, both as a musician and as a producer.

"Out Of My Life" is a song of heartbreak, of good times and bad times and putting a situation out of his hands. Look for a great rhythmic blues sound in this one in particular. "Queen-Bee" features Dave Kurdzionak on the saxophone, great metaphoric lyrics, and is a great collaboration of intermittent sax solos and the underlying blues arrangement.

Overall, "Three" is a great EP with a unique, soulful vocal and an intense blues-rock feel that would make for an non-regrettable addition to any collection.

-Chris & the Review Team
- Radio Indy

""California Dreaming'" Goin' California Review 2010"

With a lovely acoustic sound and a knack for lyrical narrative, Ken Macy is a classic sort of American troubadour, coaxing emotion from blues guitar lines and his own clear, dextrous voice. Songs such as “Seasonal Girl” and the title track to his new CD, “Goin’ California,” manage to steer clear of cliché and instead paint engaging, wistful portraits of love lost to the road. Ken Macy releases his new CD, “Goin’ California,” May 14th 2010 - Worcester Telegram

"The musical truth, according to Ken Macy September 2007"

A passionate performer,
Ken Macy’s leaves listeners
wherever he goes. He
describes his music as “rock
and blues, mixed with soul,
folk and ballads, mixed with
truth.” Macy bares his soul,
sharing both personal realities
and universal truths in
his original songs and performances.
Macy started out in hockey before music
took him over at age 13. “I would always listen
to AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ before
hockey games. It would get me pumped up
for the game,” he said. “Then I saw a guitar
in the window and I knew that that was
what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”
Macy had played in several rock bands
over the years and performed in many area
venues before launching his solo career. He
completed his first solo CD, the eclectic but
accessible “Beginnings,” in 2002, and followed
that up the next year with a television
special. “Beginnings” was also utilized
in the film “Equator” in 2004. A second solo
disc, “What If,” was completed last year and
once again features all original compositions
fusing a variety of styles.
A loaded live schedule of performances is
on the books for Macy this fall, but you can
catch him locally this weekend. “Live performances
are where I shine,” he said.
Come and catch some of the last musical
rays of summer with Macy at 8:30 p.m. this
Saturday,- Mark Renburke - Thompson Villager- Dayville CT


Ken Macy- Goin' California" (2010) (c) (p)

Ken Macy- Three (2008) (c)

Ken Macy- Beginnings (2002) (c)

Ken Macy- What If... (2006) (c)

All albums can be found for download at the following sites:

Audio Lunchbox
Great Indie Music



Central Massachusetts independent recording artist Ken Macy is a hard working, passionate musician. In the past several years, Ken has recoded three original CD's and has played at hundreds of venues throughout New England. He has won four Worcester Music Awards within the last two years including "Best Blues/R&B Act" and "Best Solo Act" for 2009. Ken has also had his original music featured on 92.5 the River’s "Home Grown Radio Show".

His musical style has been compared to the sounds of John Fogerty, The Black Crowes and Tom Petty. His live show is energetic, fun and upbeat. Ken's powerful vocals and distinctive guitar playing are what make his performances memorable.

Come join Ken Macy as he debuts the release of his fourth CD "Goin’ California" May 14th 2010.

"First and foremost, Macy exhibits a superb guitar tone that features a distinctive growl. That combined with his convincing vocals makes Macy a blues-rock powerhouse. Macy is a welcomed treat to this critic's ears. Outstanding!"

- Metronome Magazine

"Great songwriters are a dying breed. But with talent like Ken Macy, there's great hope for the future."

- Pulse Magazine