Ken McAllister

Ken McAllister


The music is a product of changing surroundings,recordings the documents of tonal, and lyrical poems are contrived by Ken to invoke emotions of passion, love, bliss, and suffering It is planted in the soil of the Northwest mountains, takes root in Americana, and is harvested in the world.


Ken grew up in Seattle when grunge dominated the airwaves. At the age of 12, Ken picked up a electric guitar. He attended weekly free concerts with angst-filled moshers, and choose to be a crowdsurfer. Seeing the ebb and flow, and the commercialization of a "music scene", and the rise and the fall of its posterboys Ken choose to keep his art underground. Today Ken approaches his own work, and the production of his art as entertaining, and meditative It is more like self discipline that is guided philosphical wisdom, a way of life, not drunken bar noise. Moreover, the music pays homage to his education at Western Washington University where he graduated with a B.A. in history two years ago. After leaving the realms of higher education he spent most his time roaming the Cascade mountains, and drifting around the West. Ken returned to Bellingham last spring where he moved into a commune and recorded, his first album entitled Viceroy "the clearcut" Followed thereafter by his solo debut the degree...


Tracts of Innocence

Written By: Ken McAllister

Down at the bottom of the Sound
I’m thinking of you in my subconsciousness
and in another time before this Wasteland was such a mess
We held onto our tracts of innocence

My Love I’m so far in the distance
you cant see me from here
Cause back then we started on the ground
because we got nothing better to do
and we held our dreams in our hands
down at the bottom of the Sound
I’’ve got you trapped in my subconsciousness
and in another time
this wasteland is always a mess
this wasteland is such a mess
my love I’m so far in the distance
a billion miles of Sea

You don’t think I said was true
and I don’t really want to be deceived
my love I’m so far in the distance, so far away
We started on the ground
We’ve got nothing better to do
except claim our tracts of innocence

My Degrees

Written By: Ken McAllister

longing for an endless dream
it’’s breaking apart at the seam
side streets keep wandering
being in an endless dream
take you where you need to be
I tell you that my love is sweet
though my bite might be bittersweet
come with me and get lost in my endless dream
get lost in my endless dream
whole split apart at the seam
doing my best trying not to think
bones just don’t feel the degrees
cold frame snapped again
color changes light in the end
cold frame is gone again and
your bones don’t feel your degrees
your bones just don’t feel your degrees

Degrees II

Written By: Ken McAllister

Taking alleyways and all those side streets trying to be
Taking those side streets so I cannot believe
Cold frame snaps your bones and you want to believe
Snap your fingers backwards
I’ll take you where you need to be
Cold frame snaps and your bones don’t feel the degrees
Make your way backwards you just want to believe
That you have no regrets and your bets just fell to the stream
Your bets just fell, they just fell so far in the stream
trying so hard
so god damn hard to believe
Cold frame snaps and your bones don’t feel the degrees
And the wind passes by and your really just trying to
feel the breeze

Tent song

Written By: Ken McAllister

Be on another page
In the end when were so deranged
and dancing in the ionosphere
counting cards at the end of the table so deranged
when the sky breaks from the clouds we’ll
be on the other page
counting tables, all deranged though
in the ionosphere
who are these people, these lonely people
they keep on acting strange
these lonely people
these crazy people they keep on acting strange
dancing in the ionosphere
so I don’t get scared at anything
and they wonder who are these people, who are these crazy people
and they’re so damn fucking strange
who are these people
they're so damn fucking strange
we’re dancing in the ionosphere
dancing in the ionosphere
la la la laa


Viceroy "the clearcut" released in the fall of 2008 readily distributed online
Ken McAllister The Degrees EP
and the Latest album Degrees... [expanded]

Set List

Lighthouse and the interstate
Tent Song
Tracts of Innocence Reprise
My Degrees
Changing Landscapes
Degrees II
(instrumental) --->clocks that weeped.
The set is usually divided in three parts, starting out with acoustic guitar in standard tuning, transitioning to an electric guitar performance that is heavily instrumental. The rest of the set, and most all of the newer material is preformed on a acoustic guitar tuned in open "C", similar to a sitar sound... as heard on "the degrees" ep