Kennedy 7

Kennedy 7

 Markham, Ontario, CAN

Innovation in popular music is very hard to come by these days. We felt a calling to rejuvenate the ideas surrounding popular music, by creating a product that delivers more than just surface value satisfaction. We made a concept album that features dimensions of narrative substance; in essence, an alternative musical illustrated through lyrical and musical themes that intertwine throughout the entire project, creating a musical experience with tons of material to sink your teeth into.


12 notes, endless possibilities. Music is a language that transcends the linguistic boundaries of self-expression. It is the single source of intrinsic human connection and communication across all cultures. The unrestrained exploration of this art fuels the fire behind Kennedy 7.

Drawing influences from the likes of Ray Charles, Amy Winehouse, and Queen, to Marianas Trench, Green Day, Bruno Mars, and pretty much everything in between, the Kennedy 7 sound incorporates a combination of Jazz, Rock and Pop infused with the theatrics of Broadway.