Arlington, Texas, USA

Kennedy is a hard rock/alternative band out of Dallas, TX. Combining infectous rhythm, blasting guitar licks, and stick-in-your-head lyrics, Kennedy is what the music scene has been missing.


Kennedy formed in late summer/early fall 2008 from the vision of guitarist David Henry and bassist Brian Bolin. The two had met from a mutual friend in the Dallas-area local rock scene, and after one night of looking at what that once-thriving scene had become, the two looked to do one thing: to bring the rock back to DFW and far beyond. After enlisting Paul Trevino, A.J. Neves and finally Callie Estes as the frontman, Kennedy is ready to share their music with the world. Releasing their four-song EP "Set It Off" in December 2009, the band is gearing up for the road ahead including their full length album and summer tour for starters.

Kennedy has shared the stage with national acts such as Flaw, Burn Halo, Adema, and Tantric, among others.

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For Management and Booking Info contact:
Dawn Virga
Monarch Artist Management


-Two-song "Pre-Album Teaser" - Summer 2009
-"Set It Off" 4-song EP - December 2009
-Currently recording full-length album to be released in winter 2010/2011.

Set List

Our typical list is a 40-60 minutes set. This can be adjusted to meet most time slot needs.

Welcome To the Show
Over It
Blue Eyes
Love Sober (extended)
Why They Call Dawn Mourning
Neither Hunger Nor Thirst
Fall Apart
Good, Goodbye
Lust In a 4x6 Frame
Selfish Lies

Enemy (Sevendust Cover)