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Self Titled EP. Released June 26th 2012. Available for streaming in its entirety here:



Kennedy spawns from a disassociation between members, cities and former band lives early 2012. As Breaking The Fourth Wall came to a whimper and carelessness, the desire for new blood and new life was instant. There was to be a ban on the old skin we wore and the teenage naivety that drove it into the ground, we still wanted a band, but we needed one as mature as we had become. The talent show-joke had to die., so to speak. After tracking the self-titled at the leisure of spring, we began carefully taking opportunity to start the weekend warriors through southern Ontario, and leaving audiences at a stand still of doubt over what had transpired before them. Fall crept up and the lengthy cross-Canadian tour started with high hopes and heavy hearts. Crashing into military firing ranges, exploding trailer tires, flipping of said trailer, ice storms, intoxicated men jumping in our van telling us their life stories, meth heads threatening our lives, being told by the police that our faces would be blown off, getting hit and run from behind while walking, getting faces bitten by dogs, playing venues without promoters, and the list goes on. We are not done until we are fully done in.