Kennedy Lane Project (KLP)

Kennedy Lane Project (KLP)


A trio from New Hampshire, with commitment to creative collaboration that yields a sound that crosses many genres---songs with an arc that spans rich vocal harmonies, guitar tapestries and appealing rhythms, and lyrics that have a good balance of humor and wistfulness. KLP - a sonic cocktail.


Kennedy Lane Project or KLP was formed in 2005 in New Boston New Hampshire, when three managers all working at BAE SYSTEMS formed a band and committed to making a high fidelity recording with a contemporary attitude. The band's inaugural CD, innovatively named, "The Kennedy Lane Project", can be found on iTunes. The CD has 9 songs that range in lyric content from a Hunter S. Thompson epitaph to a real estate scam. The band has been playing venues in southern New Hampshire (visit us at for a gig schedule) and is currently working on their next CD, which promises to deliver another blend of songs, both acoustic and electric, which have an appeal for all generations.


Year of the Dog

Written By: Kennedy Lane Project

Too many times
I fall right down
I look like a clown
And I gotta get out

Too many times
I get too deep
Cause I play for keeps
What you said to me

I’m always tripping
But you never catch me
I maybe slippin
Always a hard land

You are the headlines on a slow news day
I’m on the sidelines waiting to play
We’re both just biding our time

Too many times
I open my door
For you to walk in
And ask me for more

Too many times
I lay myself out
To your disrespect
Which makes me doubt

I share my thoughts with you
But you just walk away
I want to be with you
But there’s nothing more to say

You are the headlines on a slow news day
I’m on the sidelines waiting to play
You say we’re biding our time

I should’ve figured
You’d break my trust
You’re about yourself
It’s not about us

I should’ve figured
I’d be all alone
This wasted time
It’s on my own

You’d think I’d see it
Buy my eyes must be closed
I’ve learned my lesson
But it’s too late I suppose

You are the headlines on a slow news day
I’m on the sidelines waiting to play
I’m tired of biding our time

Sun and Blue Skies

Written By: Kennedy Lane Project

Sun and blue skies, round the bend
Have no worries, now my friend
This will pass, you will see it’s true
I’m ready to go now, how bout you

Where’s my home now, east or west
Cooler climate, might be best
On the road now, like my wheels
Cool smooth player with cunning appeal

One more stop, but two to go
More surprises at this show
Unsuspecting, sign right here
Thank you kind sir, thank you my dear

Off and running, one more time
Ventures calling and stirring my mind
Document here, to and fro
You’ll never figure, when I go

Had a nice run, I think you know
Time to part ways, so, off you go
Tell ‘em that I said hello
Nice while it lasted, together no more

Living the legend, walking the dream
No time to quit, no in-between
Living a lie that you’ll never see
Pack your shit now, come with me

You be my lady, I’ll be your man
I’ll tell you lies, you’ll know where I stand
Don’t ask me questions, I’ll tell you know truths
Keep you guessing, ‘bout my next move

Time to move now, gotta go
Getting warm here, someone else knows
You may be staying, that’s the game
Surprise darling, now what was your name?


Late Last Night

Written By: Kennedy Lane Project

Late last night
I wanna see you and your big blue eyes
Just wanna hold you, make me warm inside
Missed my chance to tell you goodbye

Late last night
I couldn’t tell you what I felt inside
My feeling masked, emotions forced to hide
But instead words said to make you cry

Sometimes my anger comes alive
These emotions strike, driven by my pride
We don’t try see things eye to eye
Then I find myself telling you goodbye

Late last night
I never wanted you to leave my side
Baby I’m so sorry that I made you cry
I realized what I felt is truly right


Late last night
You need to know that this was just one fight
We’ll fall together and we’ll make things right
If I could tell you, but you’ve left my sight


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Set List

The songs on our first CD are:

Year of the Dog
Football Season is Over
Whatever Happened
Sun and Blue Skies
Bein' You
Fields of Autumn
Feel the Rain
Where in the World
Late Last Night

Our sets intersperse our original songs with covers of popular bands like the Police, REM, Goo Goo Dolls, Plain White Tees, Collective Soul, and Nirvana