Kennedy Luck Club

Kennedy Luck Club


This epic portrayal of groove oriented, indie defining rhythms set beneath screaming, moaning lead melodies are playfully carried by counter melodic keyboards and punch drunk bass and drums.


Kennedy Luck Club was born out of the belief that great music should be fun. And as the band has fun so too will the fans. With years experience in performance they bring a tight-nit radiant live show with which fans find easy to connect. Their shows have “..a caffeine affect – when you cannot stop listening to the demo and are dying to see them live again to appreciate it better (The Blue Jay 2005).” Currently the aims of the band are consistent touring and recording, to build the infrastructure necessary for longevity in the music business. The band has been able to sell themselves well with 300 units sold of the first EP, Mother’s Finest independently, in a six month period. Currently in contractual discussions with platinum producer Mark Berry (with such work as David Bowie, Billy Idol, The OC and The Matrix soundtracks) the future is looking bright for the enthusiastic group. Making the CD Tradepost’s Top Ten Bands list, Kennedy Luck Club is quickly gaining momentum and building a reputation as “…one of the best bands in the Midwest (The Daze Music 2005).”


Mother's Finest (2005)

Set List

Lovers dont lie
San Antonio
Poor little Rich girl
1000 Voices
The Warning
I Know Where the Money Goes
My Sweet Violet
Yeah, I do Okay
Life and Times of Furious Grand
Whiskey Tango
Lovers dont lie pt 2 (when theyre bound and gagged)