Kennedy is a true-blood Rock & Roll band through and through. With European influences from bands like The Beatles and Oasis, to Austrailia's JET and America's Tom Petty, Kennedy seeks to bring the good-feeling of Rock & Roll back to a town that craves it, in Nashville, TN and to a world platform.


Amidst the honky-tonks and the twang of Nashville, TN lies a band that thrives off of the soul in the sound that was with Johnny Cash when he kicked out the stage lights at the Ryman or when Jimi Hendrix walked the downtown streets thriving off a blues guitar. Since 2004, Kennedy has been a band brandishing powerful lyrics leading a driving guitar rhythm that is putting Nashville back on the map for rock and roll in its most powerful and simplest form.

Hailing from mainly the southern part of the country one wouldn’t expect to hear the same kind of feel-good, riveting sound in this six-piece band that was on the plane with bands like the Beatles or JET when they hit the shores of the U.S. Knowing nothing more than what comes from the soul, Kennedy relies on the fact that all it takes for a great song is raw emotion and an electric sound of keys and a few guitars behind it to make it believable; rolling right at you.

Their live show only amplifies the heartbeat they create to energize and move over an entire crowd. If Nashville isn’t ready to set the stage for a sound that once emerged from the bullocks of cities like London and Memphis, then, heads could roll. The new “Nashville Sound” is Kennedy.

Since 2004, Kennedy has not only progressed their music but with the replacements and additions of new members in the early part of 2008. The band is comprised of lead-singer Collin Brace and keys-man Troy Akers, along with Nate Fleming on drums.

Kennedy is managed by Scott Siman.


Hold On To What You Believe EP (2009)
Before Tomorrow Comes
Hold On (To What You Believe)
Sweet Home

EP (2006)
Angels (CCM Radio-Play 2006-2007)

Slanky.Sexy.Rock (Demo Release) (2007)

Set List

Typical Set-List: (All Originals)

Hands To The Ground
Get Back
Love That I Hate
Pulling Triggers
Fireflies & Limosines
Love Me Tomorrow
Morning Glory
Wake Up
Turn Around

Rare Covers:
Mary Jane's Last Dance
When Stars Go Blue