Kenneth Taylor

Kenneth Taylor


Existent Jazz translates the posture of this sophomore album by Kenneth Taylor.


Smooth jazz offers a platform of relaxation to the mind, body, and spirit. This project will take you on a “road trip” with his first track GROOVIN. Nevertheless this project will bring you to an area of reflection and serenity on your past, present, and future. So we invite you to a place of satisfaction for the whole man. Once the electrifying notes hits your speakers just relax and take the journey to “A NEW BEGINNING”!

A solid structure of faith has brought Taylor to respective projects that have been recognized worldwide. As continuation of his career since starting his own production company and recording studio, it can be said there are many talents within this one vessel. Kenneth enjoys being producer, songwriter, composer, and entrepreneur. The current project has been one of the numerous visions that he has been motivated to attain. However; it’s a “new beginning” states the skillful Taylor.

Taylor’s musical inventiveness has been utilized at The Community of Faith, under the leadership of Bishop James W. E. Dixon II, in Houston, Texas. Whereas he has worked on several projects with the Williams Bros., Bishop Paul S. Morton, Edwin Hawkins, Min, Ronald Materre, Kathryn Riggins, Women of Integrity, and Bishop James W.E. Dixon II and The Community of Faith Mass Choir. Nonetheless this is just a brief account of the many events Taylor has been apart of. There is excitement, and anticipation of releasing Kenneth Taylor’s sophomore album entitled “A New Beginning”, on Judnell Records.


Good Shepherd Productions presents Kenneth Taylor 2000

Kenneth Taylor - A New Beginning 2008
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Set List

1. Groovin
2. Surrender
3. Thanks For Everything
4. Just Pray
5. Let's Go
6. A New Beginning
7. Sunrise
8. The Promised Land
9. Wind Beneath My Wings
10. Crossing Over

2 20 minute sets