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The best kept secret in music




-Right from the start it catches the listeners attention with two catchy riffs
-well crafted lyrics and very fitting vocals to the songs
-the tune is irresistably catchy
-very Gene and even Morrissey sounding
-perfect length to keep it continually fresh and not dreary
-well composed
-great tempo change of chorus

-could maybe use a little jazz riff in there, but hey what song couldn't?

Final Comments:

I absolutely loved this song, it was catchy, witty, and very well crafted. The vocals were also excellent in matching the melody and I basically found nothing I would change in it. It seems like you guys aren't afraid to experiment and truly have a passion for the art. Excellent work - Garageband

"I'm Still Dead (8.7 out of 10 points)"

Music (8 out of 10):
At first listen, it seems amatuer and very strange to listen to something that is groovy in the hook or main theme/chorus, and then speeds up on the verse! If ever, it usually happens the other way around. But when reviewed while reading the lyric's, it makes sense, and now I get it. Very groovy.

Lyrics (8 out of 10):
Bummer man, you alright? I take it these words are the mirror of your life. Well written and expressive, therapeutic and liberating maybe too liberating. Don't get so free that you die on us. Then again, without trials and tribulations most of us would never write any songs at all would we? Great work.

Arrangement & Production (9 out of 10):
With exception of the awkward entrance into the first verse, and getting used to the tempo changes, this track is one of the most innovative this writer has heard on I would really have done another infectious (double)chorus at the end, but everything from the tones and sounds, to the mix and master are perfection. Again, great work.

Lead Vocal (9 out of 10):
Not only are you an accomplished character vocalist, you are a very good singer in your own right. A truly original artist. You've succeeded in drawing the listener in. Soothed their ear and left us with a good yet eery feeling, that makes us want more. Great pitch, tone, and character.

Musicianship (9 out of 10):
With near perfect performances instrumentally, an extremely creative writing and compostion style, and innovative production techniques to boot, you've created a groovy, vibey blend of melodic and harmonic ear candy that anyone would want a daily taste of.

Originality (8 out of 10):
Like Beck meets a male Sade at Groove Armada's house for a dip in the acid pool! You''re way too talented and original of an artist to die at 27 years young like the old school way of rock-n-roll. Stay here for a while and keep on crankin'' out the hit''s please!

Marketability (10 out of 10):
There is no reason that you shouldn't have been signed, sealed, and delivered already. That's it, I'm starting my own subsidary label, you're my first artist and I'm signing you tonight! Just kidding. I'll need a bunch of seed capital to do that . . . I'll call you. Shop to every imaginable industry resource at Radio, TV, Film, Publishing, and online to get the word out about your music, and get heard . . . you rock!

General Comments:
Dude, are you still with us? With words like these I hope you make it to enjoy the end of the contest, because if I have my way you'll definitely be in it. Please stay here long enough to grow old appreciating the fruits of your labors. We here at will do our part to help you enjoy them. Average Score
- MakeaStar

"A Distinct Man (9 out of 10 points)"

Music (9 out of 10):
This track is energetic and thoughtful pop. The melody meanders around the lyrics like a wandering stream. You do an excellent job of marrying your words to a wistful melody. The changes are pure pop and engaging in innocence and thoughtfulness at the same time.

Lyrics (8 out of 10):
You set yourself up a little bit here by invoking the classic "meaning of life and the rat race" dilemma we all face in the first two verses. Then you follow up in the chorus with the "Gotta be a distinct man, Following the plan" which seems to contradict the lose-yourself-in-the-physicality-of-life message of the preceeding verse. Still raising the issue at all is enough for an "8."

Arrangement & Production (9 out of 10):
The arrangement is perfect for the tenor of the song. Drums are mixed slightly back, but this allows the voice and the guitar to dominate the preceedings to a certain extent. This puts the intimacy of the emotions at the forefront of the arrangement. The background vocals and synth pads add a delicious emotional frosting to the cake.

Lead Vocal (10 out of 10):
Again, perfect for the track. The breathiness of the vocal gives it intimacy and thoughtfulness. The vocal is in tune and on time, but more importantly, emotionally correct. This helps make up for some of the imprecision of the lyrics in terms of addressing the existential dilemma.

Musicianship (10 out of 10):
All top notch for the task at hand. The drumming has a kind of looseness that makes the track sound very spontaneous. All the playing precise and off-the-cuff sounding at the same time, which makes the track very appealing and spontaneous. The guitar part in particular makes for some interesting harmonic interplay.

Originality (8 out of 10):
Although you are treading much the same ground traveled by the New Radicals in the late 90s, you sound like yourself on this track and that is the best you can do in todays'' market. There has been so much popular music since the Beatles, that it''s better to ring true emotionally than to try to come up with something completely new. Still, the relative vagueness of "a distinct man" as a concept begs for some revision.

Marketability (9 out of 10):
Your music alone has enough appeal that you should be able to garner some interest in the industry, However, the chorus is the place where you need to hit pay dirt in terms of grabbing the listeners' attention. I don't want to clobber you with this, but industry execs are pretty good with song evaluation, as are publishers, music supervisors, etc. The "distinct man" phrase is not as compelling as it could on a track that is so musically engaging.

General Comments:
This track is easy to listen to again and again, but the test will be how much a listener can relate to the concept of "a distinct man." - MakeaStar


2004 : A distinct man (Single)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Kenneth Tiller is a 28 year old singer/guitarist/programmer, as well as a songwriter and producer. He picked up the guitar at 15 after winning the air guitar contest at his prom, and started singing a few months later. He formed his first band when he was 16, and currently sings and plays in the band Mean Martin.

From 19-21 he studied guitar and music theory/sound engineering. He started his solo career from a computer home recording studio at 25, and develops new songs when he has the time. Won the competetion in August 2004, and made it to the semi finals in METRO SEARCH 2004.

Reviews have been overwhelming. For example MakeaStar(from an industry professional) :
“There is no reason that you shouldn't have been signed, sealed, and delivered already.”
”Everything from the tones and sounds, to the mix and master are perfection.”

The music is pop/rock with elements of disco, jazz and electronica inspired by artists such as Beck, The Cure, The Thrills, The Strokes, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Phoenix and others.