Kenn Lowy

Kenn Lowy


pop/rock/alternative/classical - kenn lowy's music defies explanation. some songs are instrumental, some are folky, some are loud rock songs. they are all melodic.


I think what sets me apart from other artists is my different style of songwriting. I don't feel like all my songs have to be folk songs, or pop songs. Songwriters should be free to write whatever comes into their heads. To that end, some songs start out as a pop songs and end sounding like a classical song (i spy). because I'm a soloist and I play an instrument that sounds like two people (warr guitar), I have a wider range of sounds.

Influences: The Beatles, The Strawbs, Neil Finn, 10cc, Robert Fripp, and of course many more.


safe (1996)
sleep deprivation (2000)
life comes rolling in (with the fog) (2007)

Set List

life comes rolling in
i spy
no assimilation
secret agent man theme song
i go crazy
imagine that
not bulletproof

the typical set is a combination of instrumentals and vocal songs. the set is typically 40 minutes long. but can easily be one hour or as short as 30 minutes.